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    Tvidler Tvidler uses a very simple technique to remove earwax, so it is more effective. Why do I need the Tvidler? Anyone who has ever dealt with a blocked ear canal can benefit from Tvidler. However, in general, it is interesting for everyone to maintain regular personal hygiene in the ear area. This means that there is no age limit for the ear cleaner. It can be used by adults and children. Women and men were also mentioned. Gender is completely irrelevant. People do not need to have the technical knowledge to use it. Working Mechanism of Tvidler Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner makes it easy to remove ear wax. When you put the earplugs in the ear in a circular motion, the spiral-shaped super soft silicone earplugs enter the earwax like a screw. No matter how hard or liquid your earwax is, it will get stuck in the steps of the spiral tip. Working Mechanism of Tvidler The flexible tapered head allows the tool to reach deep into the ear. This is not possible with other methods.

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