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    I have been recently feeling a little put off about grinding and just playing in general. Here are some ideas that I think will help.

    -Add KOTH back almost identical to S2 KOTH
    -Add warzone events like S2
    -Make shards possible to get in scrolls (not common)
    -Add kits/shards to loot crates
    -New IKIT Reaper - Set ability has a chance to give your opponent weakness and slowness 1 for 1-3 seconds.
    -New sword enchant (comes on reaper sword): Execution has the chance to deal double damage on the hit
    -Show leg drop cords to the player who used the skydrop/legendary skydrop
    -Make XP useable to get gemstones, IE: 50m XP for a random sword enchant
    -Add another currency system such as gems, which are used to purchase spawners and nodes

    Let me know which ideas you like and which ones you dislike


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    sounds like a good idea but i dont like the leg skydrop cords thing bc the person who did it can tell everyone in his/her team the cords to the chest
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