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    So this is a short guide for new players on how to start playing Skybounds.

    Step 1: Complete every beginner challenge.
    Tip 1: If you DIE at spawn, you will have 2 minutes to go back to the coordinates in chat to get back your items before others can take it.
    Tip 2: For the Logger Challenge, you need to chop wood at spawn, and not your island.
    Tip 3: For the Logger Challenge, you may need to relog if it does not count towards the challenge.
    Tip 4: For the Sapling Challenge, you can find the 5 saplings by typing /mb or /mailbox.
    Tip 5: Locations of islands for each skill
    Tip 6: There are two spawns, switch between them using /spawn 1, or /spawn 2. This allows you to grind more stuff, and be less disturbed by others.
    Mining - North of spawn
    Fishing - South of spawn
    Slayer - SouthEast of spawn
    Woodcutting - NorthEast of spawn
    Farming - West of spawn

    Completing the beginner challenge lets you do a bit of every skill, and gives access to the daily kit.

    Next step would be to focus on reaching to higher collections in a few skills. Best would be to start with woodcutting and mining, since those materials are used in most recipes in other skills. For example: Mining materials are needed for fishing rods, mining and woodcutting materials are needed for swords for slayer and hoes and tools for farming.
    Try to get up to Dark Oak wood in woodcutting, and till Iron in mining.
    These two are also decent money making strategies since 1 compact Dark Oak sells for 63k and 1 compact Iron sells for 9k

    So while grinding anything at spawn or warzone, you have a small chance to find an IMP. These are drowned creatures that you kill and get lots of materials. They also give 1-500 progress in that challenge. They are a good way of getting collections up, AND getting materials. BUT they can hurt quite a bit if not careful.
    TIP: For mining imps, when they spawn, make sure to stay close to them, within 1 block or so, while killing them, or they may suffocate and die and not give you any stats or materials. Thanks to TehGamerNoob for this tip!

    Crafting in Skybounds is custom. For any tools, you need to unlock their recipe. You do this by /ch, then click the skill and the crop/ore/wood/mob/pond, then find the recipe. Once you unlock it, craft it using /craft, then navigate yourself from there.

    The main automation in Skybounds are factories. These produce materials over time for you if you supply it seeds/saplings/eggs/oreseeds.
    Here is a link to a guide explaining it. It has a text guide saying what each item does, and a video guide made by @CMMDiamondz .
    Other than factories, normal vanilla farms do work, but rails and TnT do not work.

    For any other questions you may have, check out this link
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    ty sm for this golem owo
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