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    1. _Bumbo_

      Small things I think should come back.

      I think small things like orb of flight, super cookie, more armour sets in warzone (not op ones), more rare items like the admin items (Collectibles), among other things. Also I think each skill type should have its ability to get its own openable like: Woodcutting- Mystic Timbers Mining- the...
    2. _Bumbo_

      /block List

      I think there should be a command for being able to see the people you have blocked like, /blocked or /block list. It would be helpful. And so I can see how many of the Sb737 followers I have blocked.
    3. _Bumbo_

      I want to kill Billy at spawn.

      I want him to be able to die. As a boss or a slayer mob. I just dont like him, that is the reason. He is always getting in my face and in the way. Thank you for your time. Or make it so we can /duel him.
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