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    1. LitNothin

      LitNothin and Eonz__'s Event Submission

      Minecraft Username: LitNothin and Eonz__ Explanation of your Entry: This is a collaboration between LitNothin and Eonz__, this build will speak largely for itself. This is a hellish mesa with a hole cutting a mineshaft and hopefully will be fun to pvp in. Screen shot Documentation...
    2. LitNothin

      Old Memories

      A lot of you are looking through old screenshots to find ur ranks/kits/etc. I was thinking that we could also share some old memories or experiences of skybounds way back when(screenshots would be nice too). Ill go first: I started sb in s2, sucked a lot and ya know... was bad. I got...
    3. LitNothin

      Random Poll 3

      Ok round 3: Bubba died from a tragic stab wound in the back at medbay, turns out chet wasn't the other impostor... We also picked up some new crewmates from a ship that ran out of feul and will be taking them with us to the destination where they will be able to get a new ship to take them where...
    4. LitNothin

      Random Poll

      Random vote from discord convo, also im bored... VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE
    5. LitNothin

      Cooldown f Malevolent Limbs?

      Hey hi anyone know what the cooldown of Malevolent Limbs(slayer leggings) are? Pre ty
    6. LitNothin

      Update Idea - Warzone Revamp

      Warzone addition: 2 new islands in wz that are up high and you need to parkour to get to them (make sure that this parkour is over land so that void trapping doesn't happen) : - 1 has an actual emerald mine with lots of emeralds, - both are where new mob: evil imps spawn: ------- first...
    7. LitNothin

      Factory idea that probs needs ur suggestions or it'l probs be bad as devs don't play the game as much as us.

      Factories need a grinding factor so that alt islands aren't abused to sh*ts: Have factories run on their appropriate stats somehow, where per factory on an island you need some level of that stat accumulated over a day by all island members total (This is the "TLDR" for all ya lazy readers, i...
    8. LitNothin

      Trophies - The most useless thing in Skybounds season 3 right now

      Ayt, Trophies need to have a purpose... Ideas: 1) Have each trophy give 3 (could easily be 1, just 3 gives more mobility) (non-tradable) player tokens that can be used in a "knowledge tree" that can give boosts towards stuff like "=5% sell price when doing /sellall" or "10% chance to get...
    9. LitNothin

      Drifter set should be COMPLETELY REWORKED to suit the intentions of Mitch.

      Everyone reading this knows about drifter and how op it is, if u don't then read one of the many other forum posts and complaints by other people. Drifter set should be completely changed to suit Mitch's original goal of "a pleasant way to drift around the Warzone harvesting resources without...
    10. LitNothin

      LitNothin's Event Submission

      Minecraft Username: LitNothin Explanation of your Entry: The goal was to create a stunning island that could be used practically for as long as the player needs it for. It has spacious caves, farms and a grinding area that a player could use while still maintaining a good looking island...
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