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    1. _Bumbo_

      ItzBobert's Event Submission

      Ayo. That secret is a little less secret now lol :)
    2. _Bumbo_

      JJNBAHH's Event Submission

      I like the unground bit of the island. Very nice, Good Luck!
    3. _Bumbo_

      Legendary Chest Changes

      :this: I have seen a lot more people wearing immortal sets or other things a more than drifter now, (which used to be the opposite). And with some the coords of the legendary chest scrambled from in all ways, it makes it easier for everyone to kinda of get an equal chance to get one (with full...
    4. _Bumbo_

      Add more foot to the server

      This forum thread smells baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadd.
    5. _Bumbo_


      Well put. But it's supposed to just be PVE not PVP. It was only supposed to be used grind resources like mining or woodcutting, not looting chests.
    6. _Bumbo_

      Keep Forums

      I agree. I think forums do need to stay, in some form. Like Eonz said above, if you get a discord mute/ban from the server how are you able to appeal if you aren't in the discord or can't talk in it. Also, so many guides and other things have been made and would be weird not be able to link in...
    7. _Bumbo_

      some Ideas for this Season or the following Seasons!

      I like all of these ideas (y)
    8. _Bumbo_

      Game-Breaking Dupe

      I agree
    9. _Bumbo_

      Season 5 Guide

    10. _Bumbo_

      What to do?

    11. _Bumbo_

      Potato Train

    12. _Bumbo_

      Removing Items From Crates That Are Not Worth The Crates Value

      I think it is important to have chance to get good or bad items. It gives the gambling effect to the crate (Which is basically the reason for it). If there was only good items, it could possibly be abused by some players/bigger teams.
    13. _Bumbo_

      Wizard staff to OP

      Or they could just make it so it gives an animation to the hearts instead of nerfing or removing the staff in entirely.
    14. _Bumbo_

      Clan/Ally Upgrades & Improvements

      I agree. There should be a way to set roles/ranks in clans. (y)
    15. _Bumbo_

      S5 Ideas

      I like the ideas, but imps don't spawn on islands to help people move from their islands. If they were on islands players would not really have to go spawn or Warzone to grind other things why imps would normally have spawned. It would make grinding a little to easy. Although I do agree, it...
    16. _Bumbo_

      Schematic Upgrades

      I agree sometimes they can get in the way of building and its just annoying to keep picking them up and moving them. (y)
    17. _Bumbo_


      I don't think there should be a nerf for Drifters. After it already being in the game for so long and the many complaints and forums posts about wanting to change it, I don't think it'll ever be change. It helps smaller teams and solo people gather stuff in Warzone better. Without it basically...
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