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    1. Extinct__

      End S5, and move on to S6

      If you don't know skybounds then you wouldn't have made this, 2 weeks will turn into a month lmao
    2. Extinct__

      End S5, and move on to S6

      or not because if they rush it it will be worst than this season
    3. Extinct__

      Nerf for drifters

      Just remove drifter easy :D
    4. Extinct__

      wz ideas

      I 100% agree What ever this means
    5. Extinct__

      More Planning Needed Allies Chat

      You should make an Allies chat with the command /c a and /chat ally, so people can communicate with their allies without being in Voice Chats or DMs all the time and the color of the allies chat would be pink or blue
    6. Extinct__

      https://skybounds.com/appeal/ Try this

      https://skybounds.com/appeal/ Try this
    7. Extinct__

      More gems that work on slayer mobs

      Indeed, a new gemstone would be fire, but I wouldn't make it ember for mobs.
    8. Extinct__

      All Commands List

      Very good job, this took lots of time I bet and it also probably helped lots of people.
    9. Extinct__

      Being a Chicken...

      Being a Chicken...
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