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    1. Fiyce

      All Quest Threads

      This will help a lot of players! :D
    2. Fiyce

      widee's Event Submission

      Looks good!
    3. Fiyce

      Golden Coins Location

      Thanks for making this, it'll help me find them way quicker!
    4. Fiyce


      Pog update :O
    5. Fiyce

      Krakedon Boss Guide

      This guide will help alot by killing the boss, thank you for making it!
    6. Fiyce

      I want to kill Billy at spawn.

      Big scary billy, but i like him.
    7. Fiyce

      Fishing Pet Vs. Set

      True, but i hope to see some kind of refreshment on the shipwrecks one day.
    8. Fiyce

      Fishing Pet Vs. Set

      I think refreshing the shipwrecks would be good, so that means the shipwrecks will contain more newer stuff, like mahi mahi spawners get refreshed into endermite spawners (but the basic items stay like; immortal stone etc.) I think this would give the set a bit more value as the shipwrecks drop...
    9. Fiyce

      AH Boss Eggs

      I think if you'd do this, people would still be confused with creeper eggs.
    10. Fiyce

      Nerf Mobs in Bosses or Buff Salt

      I agree with this. ^^
    11. Fiyce

      Factory idea that probs needs ur suggestions or it'l probs be bad as devs don't play the game as much as us.

      I Think factories are pretty solid rn, so i wouldn't say this is needed (anymore)
    12. Fiyce

      16x Skybounds Overlay Pack

      Looks sick!
    13. Fiyce


      Worth the wait! :D
    14. Fiyce

      Nerfing P2W

      I hope p2w will be nerfed a bit, so i'll agree with this one!
    15. Fiyce

      Slayer trophies

      +1 I 100% agree with this.
    16. Fiyce

      Balancing Drifter

      I don't think this is that big of a problem (i could be wrong, i just haven't had any problem with this) i feel like it isn't balanced but making it so they can't open chests would make the set quite a bit worse. As players who are farming cactus for example, if there is a skydrop there will...
    17. Fiyce

      Fishing Pools and their loot

      Thanks for making this list full of information. I'll use this when someone asks about fishing drops!
    18. Fiyce

      Drifter “nerf”

      I like this. +1
    19. Fiyce


    20. Fiyce

      Gemstone recipes!

      Thanks for making these Ali, now i and alot of others can see what they need for a gemstone before unlocking it.
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