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  1. Moo

    Minor QOL change, Allow us to delete and rearrange pets in pet browser

    I see most of you guys don’t want the ability to delete pets to get the egg back but I disagree. Your arguement is that you should decide before if to sell or use as prefixes and symbols but in my opinion pers are not as *final* as prefixes and symbols therefor I think the ability to claim eggs...
  2. Moo

    Prize idea for island top at end of season

    If you're a solo player, you're intentionally not going for top island.
  3. Moo

    Prize idea for island top at end of season

    A combination of the 4 is scuffed as one of them gives significently more xp as you are well aware of yourself. Royals hold 3/4 skills compared to Figjam and still are 10bill behind due to grindingtop. So basing istop off one superior skill shouldn't be.
  4. Moo

    Prize idea for island top at end of season

    Yea, like Cat said.. Grindingtop is at 32b and 21b.. Farming is at 6b and 4b, Miningtop is at 18b and 16b and crafting is at 8b and 7b.. So you basically only need to be set on grindingtop o be skilltop as grinding gives the most xp and is the easiest to progress in. Island top should be...
  5. Moo


    They could bring back trails. They could add prefixes and symbols next to people's names above their character. They could add a different color on people's name in chat depending on their rank. They could add prestiges where as people could obtain prestige symbols.
  6. Moo

    You don’t have to be scared anymore. ;[

    You don’t have to be scared anymore. ;[
  7. Moo

    Update #10 - TRUE LOVE

    Lmfaoo, also gotta make the partner leave with 50% of the other's posessions. :D
  8. Moo

    "Last Online"

    Yup, very much needed +1.
  9. Moo

    Symbol Suggestions

    Crown YinYang Savage Games icon
  10. Moo

    Update #10 - TRUE LOVE

  11. Moo

    Update #10 - TRUE LOVE

  12. Moo

    Update #10 - TRUE LOVE

  13. Moo

    Moo's Event Submission

    Minecraft Username: Moo Explanation of your Entry: David decided it was a good day for him and Karen to find a nice secluded spot for a picnic surrounded by trees, a beautiful waterfall and canyons. Little did Karen know David was going to “pop the question”. David got to one knee and asked but...
  14. Moo

    Custom Texture/Mod Pack

    This is something players have done previously in their spare time for fun. It is pretty cool but it takes a lot of time to make it good and not mane people are willing to dedicate their time to it.
  15. Moo

    Valentines recipe ideas

    Would be very cool. +1
  16. Moo

    Can you make Auto-Chests not pick up items dropped by dispensers?

    As LJ said there are many ways to work around this, using water and hopper collection works fine.
  17. Moo

    Double auto chest

    +1 would make lives much easier.
  18. Moo

    Hardcore Parkour or More Courses

    I’d like a challenging parkour.
  19. Moo

    Week of no update just fixes

  20. Moo

    Boss Guide

    Big useful, was really fun figuring out how the boss was done.

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