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  1. Moosius_

    Minor QOL change, Allow us to delete and rearrange pets in pet browser

    Rearranging would be a super useful function, in terms of deleting might be better to leave that
  2. Moosius_


    Lol i'd love having some kind of emotes or maybe more ability to customize names like colors or making them bold and such.
  3. Moosius_

    Tertix's Event Submission

    I like the look of this build! Good luck on the competition!
  4. Moosius_

    A new crafting recipe

    Would be kind of a neat thing as we already have fur hats as a craftable recipe
  5. Moosius_

    #season - 2

    I would kill to have fishing in the game, I absolutely doing that mindless part of minecraft.
  6. Moosius_

    Kit Idea: Grinding Kit

    I think someone has already made a page on making easier ways to fill up bots/make the swords and picks, I agree it would be a super nice addition
  7. Moosius_

    WingedBarb's Event Submission

    I love how you mixed together the white and red, they work so well together!
  8. Moosius_

    _Snyde_ HitsLikeGoogle's Event Submission

    This is looking pretty cool, I love how you added the heads into the build! Good luck
  9. Moosius_

    Boss Highscores

    Is it even possible to two man a boss? I feel like these super high numbers can only be possible by 2-3 person runs.
  10. Moosius_

    Prize idea for island top at end of season

    Only thing is once those top tier islands start grinding again it will make newer players be deterred from actually playing because it will always be the same islands ontop
  11. Moosius_

    Kit Idea: Grinding Kit

    I feel like this would be impossible to balance as others said above, but maybe if it gave you the supplies to make a good grinding sword it could be beneficial
  12. Moosius_

    Waterfall Parkour :(

    All it takes is tons of practice..the first few times it takes a bit longer but you just have to keep trying it and eventually you'll get it
  13. Moosius_

    Boss Highscores

    Lol I have yet to even do boss yet and people over here getting close to 6 digit scores XD
  14. Moosius_

    Custom Gamemodes - Events

    These small minigames/events could be fun for those who are max island level and want a bit more bragging rights/ something to do when they arent afk lol
  15. Moosius_

    Server Quests | Guide

    This is such a detailed guide for the quests, it will help a ton when people have to do that last challenge
  16. Moosius_

    PNC_DreamyDocks's Event Submission

    I find this so adorable! I wish you luck in the competition!
  17. Moosius_

    Update #10 - TRUE LOVE

    I loved this update, added so many fun things and more symbols/prefixes which I love collecting!
  18. Moosius_

    Warzone suggestions

    The one thing I'll say is I think Elon is great but maybe increase the cost of the immunity and lower how much he can give, like at max I've gotten just under 2 hours worth, maybe limiting it to like a max of 20min and a minimum of 1 min could really help with all of the people who have so many...
  19. Moosius_

    Coupon codes or paysafecard

    This isnt really up to staff, it's up to owners. As said above you can connect your psc to paypal in order to make purchases with it
  20. Moosius_

    Skybounds Community Event

    This is a pretty cool thing for community members to be doing, I think it would really build up the community connection on the server.

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