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    1. L31L4N1

      TheUnknown is recruiting!

      TheUnknown is Recuiting. (15 slots) Island Level 26 Crafting 10 Farming 26 Fishing 5 Grinding 32 Mining 28 Just need people to grind fishing DM @L31L4N1#7161 on discord or respond to this thread with your IGN if insterested in helping
    2. L31L4N1

      TheUnknown is recruiting (#8 in istop)

      I just recently upgraded my is to level 26 with money obtained from trading things with people. I want to get to the top of the Leaderboards through your help. I'm going to need help grinding levels though, as I have not worked on grinding levels on that is. If you are interested, dm...
    3. L31L4N1

      Add /feed command for ranked people

      As described in the title of the post, it would be really nice if you guys could add the ability for ranked people to use the /feed command, as it is in SB Classic. This would be much appreciated.
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