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    1. L31L4N1

      So true tho!

      So true tho!
    2. L31L4N1

      [Guide] - How to install 5Zig Mod & Optifine (all threads in one)

      As far as I know, Optifine doesn’t work with 5zig
    3. L31L4N1

      KOTH | A Guide to KOTH

      Thank you for this error! I didn't really understand how it works until seeing this!
    4. L31L4N1

      TheUnknown is recruiting!

      TheUnknown is Recuiting. (15 slots) Island Level 26 Crafting 10 Farming 26 Fishing 5 Grinding 32 Mining 28 Just need people to grind fishing DM @L31L4N1#7161 on discord or respond to this thread with your IGN if insterested in helping
    5. L31L4N1

      HorseOfTheSea's Event Submission

      Sooo pretty! GL horsey!!
    6. L31L4N1

      TopComp's Event Submission

      Dang Top. This is amazing! GL
    7. L31L4N1

      All New Crafting Recipes

      @mastermindgolem you might want to update this as there is more stuff now
    8. L31L4N1

      Jannic0203's Event Submission

      This is amazing! GL
    9. L31L4N1

      PuzzleMaster391's Event Submission

      Daaaannnggg!! This is amazing!
    10. L31L4N1

      S2 Challenge Walkthroughs!

      Thank you for taking the time to make this for the people that havent done all of them yet!
    11. L31L4N1


      Thank you for making this golem! I'm sure this will help a lot of people.
    12. L31L4N1

      How to get Ancient Runes and Legendary Relicts? [ Short Guide ]

      Thank you for taking the time to make this!
    13. L31L4N1

      TheUnknown is recruiting (#8 in istop)

      and before you ask, i know that we are low level in skills, but we need grinders to get those skills up.
    14. L31L4N1

      TheUnknown is recruiting (#8 in istop)

      I just recently upgraded my is to level 26 with money obtained from trading things with people. I want to get to the top of the Leaderboards through your help. I'm going to need help grinding levels though, as I have not worked on grinding levels on that is. If you are interested, dm...
    15. L31L4N1

      Basic Rune farm.

      that actually looks like it would be really good for grinding mining
    16. L31L4N1

      Looking for Builder(s)!

      @xWitherWacker06 “Please post screenshots of your island builds and let me know the top 3 reasons why I should add you to my island to add some spicy builds!”
    17. L31L4N1

      got easter egg pet Zombae for trivia!! Thanks @Lauren

      got easter egg pet Zombae for trivia!! Thanks @Lauren
    18. L31L4N1

      Looking for Builder(s)!

      I would upload more, but the forums dont have enough power to handle the rest of the photos for some reason
    19. L31L4N1

      Looking for Builder(s)!

      1. I started building about 2 years ago. 2. I can work well with a team as well as individually if need be. 3. I'm not the most experienced builder ever on MC, but I have quite a bit of experience designing things.
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