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    1. SafeDrift

      Latest Update SKYBOUNDS RESET - Season 4

      Skybounds Season 4 Is it that lovely time of year where we look back on our previous season and look forward to the future season that awaits us. Skybounds has travelled far within the sky and has crash landed upon the mystical land of Faye. Magical beings from across all the lands have taken...
    2. SafeDrift

      New Farming Crop

      [+1] I LOVE IT! This is the outside of the box thinking we are definitely looking for in suggestions. Banana trees could be an amazing addition to the server. Very good suggestion!
    3. SafeDrift

      Update Idea - Warzone Revamp

      [+1] WarZone Events are definitely something on our list. We really want to focus on the WarZone and make it a much more fun space for all players to enjoy, not just the pvpers.
    4. SafeDrift

      Making Axes a pvp item for next season

      [+1] I do see a need for axes in pvp. As a lot of players do prefer axes over swords in pvp. However, it's all up to how they're balanced and what kind of gemstones we can apply to it. I do love the idea, and definitely will be writing it down! <3
    5. SafeDrift

      Season 4 Ideas

      [+1] Loved the ideas @mastermindgolem! Definitely wrote them down on my list for updates and any future resets. I really do want to expand pets to a whole another level in the future and those are great ideas to add.
    6. SafeDrift

      Combining Ore Seeds Together

      [+1] I do see the problem with the ore seeds not stacking properly. Could also be a good invention is say a backpack or bag that you can hold to store all of your seeds. Could easily be stored in your playervault anytime you earn some seeds while in the warzone or out just grinding crops. Very...
    7. SafeDrift

      Trophy Shop Suggestion

      [+1] This really does seem like a very good idea. Something I will definitely consider, as it would add more value to the WarZone making another reason for players to hop into the battle zone against others. Especially for those grinders who want more trophies!
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