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    1. xoclary


      yesss i miss challenges too
    2. xoclary

      One Word Story

    3. xoclary

      *NEW* HIDDEN ore locations.. (SkyBlock #16)

    4. xoclary

      Bow additions

      yea anything to give people the insentive to use bows more, im all for :)
    5. xoclary

      Upgradable skills

      yesss would love to see this implemented into the server. would make you wanna grind to get more rewards etc
    6. xoclary


      yesss, i liked season 1 and 2 the best. hopefully they bring something like that back
    7. xoclary

      Boost gems

      There was just an announcement on them being returned
    8. xoclary

      PVP Chat

      /c local :P
    9. xoclary

      Build Event Theme Ideas!

      some really cool ideas!! wouldnt mind seeing them in the coming months
    10. xoclary

      selective chest

      Yesss I agree, would be nice when first recruiting if you’re on a big team and get a new member
    11. xoclary

      More Fun Openables

      Would love different openables, they’ve always been super fun
    12. xoclary

      Build Event World

      I really want thatttt 🥺
    13. xoclary

      Secret fishing rod

      sacred fishing rod was pretty coooooooooool!!
    14. xoclary

      Notes for next season.

      I agree with all this! hopefully they add some if not all of these
    15. xoclary


    16. xoclary

      New Prefix Suggestion!

      Yes but me girl so there needs to be a girl version! Mistress sounds weird
    17. xoclary

      Server Runs on 1.8 Building Block Selection

      Yea agreed, more block choice is always better
    18. xoclary

      New places to mine better ores

      Yessss, I want better places to mine ores tooo
    19. xoclary


      yes sirrrr
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