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  1. Dader

    Dader's Event Submission

    Minecraft Username: Dader Explanation of your Entry: I made a concept build to show my gratitude to skybounds itself, with the words skybounds and an oak tree in the center of the O makes it a true wonder of this server. I also added floating islands to represent this skyblock world itself...
  2. Dader

    A new crafting recipe

    You know about the fur hats, but have u ever wondered if there should be Fur coats? WELL, don't I have the suggestion for you: Fur Coats: 4x Leather, 4x Polar Bear Fat, sells for : 5,000 stars, base xp 250-265. Makes a use for both the fat and the leather as people have been...
  3. Dader

    Challenge Pass and Quest Pass

    I believe there should be passes for both ch's and quests. Considering that some of the quests may be hard for some, difficult for others, and impossible as it seems for a few, like myself. The reason was same in sb1, as some of the campaigns and ch's were sometimes difficult, if this would be...
  4. Dader

    Dader's Event Submission

    Minecraft Username: Dader Explanation of your Entry: I went with the subtle approach, but with a touch. A classic Valentine's Day Teddy bear, complete with a heart. Im not expecting to win, but I will try. There will be plenty better than mine. Who knows, Hopes u like. Screen shot...
  5. Dader

    A better way to tell which way ur facing

    I am writing this out to say that there should be a better way to tell which way ur facing. I suggest adding a bar at the top center of the screen to depict which way ur going instead of relying on F3 to see that, which is cluttered by other stats and info. I've seen many players ask "where is...
  6. Dader

    Mushroom crops

    I am suggesting to add mushrooms as crops to the game, even if its just the one or two variants as I believe they would be suitable farming crops. I have devised in the screenshots provided of what should be the names, plus a food crafting item it crafts into. I'm thinking the Mush Stew...
  7. Dader

    More Decorative Blocks

    I feel that The server just doesn't have enough building blocks in it. Without gravel and clay, I cannot do any of the builds I planned to do. "Frustrating, it is". Why speak like Yoda, I ask myself. I think, adding more building blocks and materials would benefit most building minds like...
  8. Dader

    A much updated Location lists for the bells

    I have compiled some exact locations for the bells. 1. First spawn bell. 2. Portal Island, use water nearest from end to find it underneath 3. Under a tree at spawn 4. under another tree at spawn. 5. find laakeB npc and its around the tree 6. Market, water foundtain, hanging there. * I suggest...

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