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  1. Moo

    removal of factories

    I disagree with the existance of factories, now the entire economy is based around factories and thr island with the biggest factories will generate money faster than anyone. When this season was introduced Laake said this season will not be based off automation but now it is completely based...
  2. Moo

    Moo's bedrock mining service!

    Hello everyone owo At the moment Royals island is the only island with bedrock ore seeds unlocked, so I am offering to use my time to mine your bedrock ore seeds for you since you can't, my only demand is that I keep 10% of the total amount of bedrock I obtain from your ore seeds. This way you...
  3. Moo

    Skill set change?

    Since the server is mostly based off farmer/woodcutting/mining sets I think they should be cooler.. They currently give you a 30% respawn rate boost and ability to get buried/ant/nest openables, which is nice but could be more. So I think the sets should include an increased chance to find IMPs...
  4. Moo


    Can I get an F in the chat?
  5. Moo

    Dear LaakeB.

    Fix Wand of Cruelty.
  6. Moo


    I don't want to be the crying baby but having Vampires in ONLY warzone is ridiculous. I've tried to be patient and I have been, I have now made looting 3-4 sharp 3 smite 3 wood swords 7 times now as well as spending countless money on armor because pvpers comes to kill me when I'm grinding...
  7. Moo

    Slayer suggestion!

    Slayer is awesome and definetly my favourite skill! However, I think there could be even more to it... My idea is that at the second last unlock (10k and 5k for rabbit/ghoul) you should add an RNG drop. Meaning after you have unlocked the second last unlock on a tier you have the chance for an...
  8. Moo

    SEASON 3!!!

    Hello Everyone! With the news of Season 3 starting in a couple of days, we decided to make a little post regarding Royals. As you all know, we had a couple of bumps along the road during Season 2. Our team wasn't performing and acting to the best of it's ability, however, we are hoping that with...
  9. Moo

    #player-showcase REVOLUTION

    I personally think #player-showcase is an ugly set of words, it looks too long and is not very cool words! THEREFOR I think this discord channel which is dedicated to FLEXING should be renamed to #flexing because flexing is an awesome word! When I suggested this to Lauren, she said; «Maybe...
  10. Moo

    Season 3!

    Greetings!!! 🤠 We're all excited for season 3 and I have started planning it early by assembling new team members, making strategies and planning island build and farm designs. This season my team Royals will be very different. Divine has joined and we will lead Royals together! For the most...
  11. Moo

    Moo's Event Submission

    Minecraft Username: Moo Explanation of your Entry: An Easter egg hunt INSIDE a giant easter egg? Yep! Take a cruise through bunny laake gaurding the enterance and you’ll be in for a surprise. There are hidden easter eggs around the inside one must find in order to obtain the pot of gold from...
  12. Moo

    Shopkeeper idea.

    Shopkeepers! This is an NPC you place on your island where visitors can click on and either buy or sell items to the island owner. This NPC should cost 1 million stars in the shop and should be placable and should be useable by Manager+. How does it work? You place it down, then connect it...
  13. Moo

    Boss Secrets Revealed! (3/3)

    All boss secrets and how to do them: So here is a screenshot of the boss results when we did all three secrets the first time: Now I know my ABC's: In order to complete this secret, you must kill the 4 witches that appear after you have killed all corrupted skeletons in alphabetical order...
  14. Moo

    Obtainable prefixes / symbols

    I’m a person that enjoy to grind, hence why I wanna suggest implementing new symbols and prefixes for certain achievements within the game. Kinda similar to the boss symbols, you do something ingame and you get the symbol. Pickaxe symbol: Mine 1 million blocks with a pickaxe. Skull Symbol...
  15. Moo

    Moo's Event Submission

    Minecraft Username: Moo Explanation of your Entry: David decided it was a good day for him and Karen to find a nice secluded spot for a picnic surrounded by trees, a beautiful waterfall and canyons. Little did Karen know David was going to “pop the question”. David got to one knee and asked but...
  16. Moo

    Tracker suggestion.

    I miss tool trackers from Skybounds 1, they were items you applied to your tool to track how many blocks you have mined, how many mobs you’ve killed and which ores/mobs you have killed. This would be an awesome addition to the server. Personally I love comparing my achievements with others and...
  17. Moo

    Royals recruiting!

    đź‘‘ You are Applying for **Royals**đź‘‘ **Please note before continuing:** -- Must be at least 14 years of age or older. -- Must speak and understand the English language. -- Must have a decent punishment history. -- Must be knowledgeable of the server. -- Must have been on the server for at least...
  18. Moo

    Suggestions for season 2

    After playing the server actively since the start up to this point, I have learned that it’s soo easy to progress. The server is based on automation which when all your farms are fully automated there is nothing to grind. All you do is maintain said farms by stuffing tools into bots and afk the...
  19. Moo

    QOL suggestion..

    The green auto crafting book in the work bench GUI should be able to auto craft item that are custom. When trying to craft diamond swords we cannot auto craft it because the diamonds are custom «resources» instead of vanilla items. As well as being able to craft crafting recipies in the auto...
  20. Moo

    Kit Changes

    When you're level 100 on all skills, you only get the highest tier Ore Seeds and Spawners from the daily Kit, which makes you have a ridiculous amount of the highest tier Ore Seeds and Spawners but you never get any of the ower tier ones. My suggestion is that instead of getting only the...

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