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  1. qtMel

    Revive the server

    I enjoy the new seasons with new leaderboards and stuff to look forward to, I feel as keeping some islands behind/items/builds would be an unfair advantage to everyone who played prior and wouldn't fit well in the game.
  2. qtMel

    Nerf Kraken armor

    The set is op yes, but as golem said it is EXTREMELY hard to get, there are probably less than 10-15 full sets on the server (obtainable through boss, not shop/kits etc) therefore I do believe that the set is perfect as is just needs a little tweaking with burning allies/clanmates in wz. With...
  3. qtMel

    Pvp loot stealers

    I think heads being locked to the person that killed them for a certain amount of time would be cool and help the loot stealing issue because I do believe it is unfair that drifters/others are collecting items from someone else’s fair kill. +1
  4. qtMel

    Season 4

    I do agree that teams progress faster more than a smaller group but I feel like that would be expected of more people, but I do agree that the fishing recipes should be simplified and more fishing aspects should added to fishing crafting. Although the slayer set does require compact bedrock...
  5. qtMel

    Enchant Idea

    oooh I like the luck of the sea idea the best +1
  6. qtMel

    More fishing gems

    More fishing gems would be nice, maybe one that allows you to fish other openables up as “ junk” etc +1
  7. qtMel

    Reviving the server late game

    KOTH was a fun team activity that would be cool if it was brought back as well as some type of daily challenge and maybe once you do enough you unlock a prefix/trail or something that would make it worth it.
  8. qtMel

    Legendary WZ Loot

    +1 this would be cool to see brought back imo
  9. qtMel

    All Collections and Recipes

    oooh ty for always making helpful guides/spreadsheets golemmm
  10. qtMel


  11. qtMel

    More gems that work on slayer mobs

    New gemstones would be nice, I like jellys idea of extra loot/damage. Ember working on mobs would be coooool. +1
  12. qtMel

    My Ideas for island progression moving forward.

    I do like the ideas about the factories but I feel like it's too late in the game to adjust factories due to prices being high and new players starting constantly. Ore seeds/Robots were nice in s1 but needed more limitation. It would be nice to bring back ore seeds with some sort of limit.
  13. qtMel

    All Commands List

    I know this took you forever.. gg and good job ❤
  14. qtMel

    Auto Chests

    I feel like some of these upgrades would be too op especially in the beginning, honestly just being able to make it a double chest would be nice.
  15. qtMel

    Trophy Shop Suggestion

    I think this would add more incentive to actually getting trophies, especially the harder ones since they are all valued the same. +1
  16. qtMel

    All Wings

    ooo ty for making this <3
  17. qtMel

    PVP addition

    I think rods would be cool to have in duels but with some type of durability so its not constant
  18. qtMel

    Cooldown f Malevolent Limbs?

    I feel like when I've tried to test it I got between 50-60 seconds, don't think it ever been confirmed though.
  19. qtMel


    Factories / lawnmower bamboo farms are goood for moneyy
  20. qtMel

    Golem's Auto Gem Crafter System

    yes I believe so

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