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  1. Twilight_Rose 1.14.4+ 1.14.4+
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    ^ i only handle appeals where punishments were given by myself

    ^ i only handle appeals where punishments were given by myself
  3. Twilight_Rose

    hello <3

    hello <3
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  5. Twilight_Rose

    Ashvinsk12's Event Submission

    This looks epic, the bar has definitely been set- however are you able to edit the image and add your IGN to the picture?
  6. Twilight_Rose


    If you want any help learning how to play, lemme know
  7. Twilight_Rose

    Karaoke Host - protect rose's job!!

    LOL mc keeps coming for my job ;-;
  8. Twilight_Rose

    staff need to hear this

    Thank you so much, we don’t tend to get these posts and I’m so glad part of the community agrees with me that staff are doing their jobs well and are appreciated. So thank you this means a lot to know that you guys appreciate us as much as admins appreciate the staff team ❤️
  9. Twilight_Rose

    Skybounds Unoffical Wiki

    I’m kidding, you guys did great!
  10. Twilight_Rose

    Skybounds Unoffical Wiki

    Ty guys tho for all the effort you put in, hopefully it’ll keep growing
  11. Twilight_Rose

    Skybounds Unoffical Wiki

    What happened to the convo in global about us three making one 😂
  12. Twilight_Rose

    Event Winners August 2020 Event Winners [Build Event - Angels vs Demons]

    Congrats and thanks for entering everyone! Hope you had fun and hope it was a good theme to use your imagination on!
  13. Twilight_Rose

    Please be patient.

    Please be patient.
  14. Twilight_Rose

    Latest Update Ethos Loot Crate, Necromancer Kit, Spider Queen Boss, and more!

    Update looks pretty good, can’t wait to play again
  15. Twilight_Rose

    widee's Event Submission

    This looks stunning, i love how you took the criteria and made a story out of it- the whole concept of your build is exciting and wonderfully built, looks like youve put a lot of effort into it!
  16. Twilight_Rose

    Update Ideas - SUGGEST HERE PLEASE.

    - Add shopkeeper eggs so people can have island shops. - Add mining world back as a mini game to get tokens to then buy openables or an exclusive 'mining world' set (just a collection item no buffs etc). - Add trails/wings like on sb1. - Add pets (similar to hungry games where you get a cosmetic...
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    Thanks team for working hard to include so much in this update- most excited for the recipes and the squid pet lol, also need to get my hands on the sets and the new creeper spawner.
  18. Twilight_Rose

    removal of factories

    i mean theres plenty for me to do, and i know a lot of the community still have a heck of a lot to do- its up to clans if they want to sit and afk to get money or to also complete and move forward manually.
  19. Twilight_Rose

    removal of factories

    Unfortuantly itll always be that way pqlar, on any server- the bigger the clan the easier/better they are in the game due to all the support/help they then get from each member in said clan. This is one point of automation since the community complained about how grindy the server was and how...
  20. Twilight_Rose

    removal of factories

    atm its only big clans getting a lot of money from factories as theyve been getting everything from their clans lol, single-player/small clans are fine with them and slowly making progress

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