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  1. mastermindgolem

    server version

    Best is to use version 1.14.4, and I believe 1.16.3 can be a little buggy.
  2. mastermindgolem

    Skybounds memories

    Mine has the be the moment when Mitch had to invsee me and take out the sky treasure book that I had...
  3. mastermindgolem

    how do i

    or u can type /ah auction [start bid] [buy now] whilst holding the item
  4. mastermindgolem

    Factory Machines

    DW, THIS IS NOT A HATE THREAD. Just a suggestion that you should be able to make an input hopper thing go into a factory machine. Example: I have an input machine that has all the essence filtered and It'll automatically put the essence into the machine.
  5. mastermindgolem

    Ally Chat

    oh ya, so maybe u sent a clan friend req thing, and if they accept then u can use it
  6. mastermindgolem


    o o p, done already.
  7. mastermindgolem

    Update Idea - Warzone Revamp

    owo, I loved the warzone events, still made people play even late game because getting lcs from grinding was always fun. And the Imp Party would be pog. But maybe make it so that for the imp party, you need to have unlocked the collection to kill the imp.
  8. mastermindgolem


    U get demoted to Trial Player
  9. mastermindgolem

    Ally Chat

    uhhh, u forgot a ) at the end... sorry xD
  10. mastermindgolem

    Ally Chat

    Agreed, and added at suggestion 5. But if clan 1 was allied to clan 2 and clan 2 was allied to clan 3, clan 1 will not be able to chat with clan 3 since they are not directly allied.
  11. mastermindgolem

    Ally Chat

    I know a thread like this was made quite some time back, but it may have gotten lost in all the other threads. If a dev/admin is reading, Suggestion #5 is the best according to the others/comments. Ally chat is very much needed since it is hard to communicate with people in allied clans...
  12. mastermindgolem

    Season 4 Ideas

  13. mastermindgolem

    Easier way to chat to people

  14. mastermindgolem

    item teleporters

    Yes there is, so basically transfer the items from the chest to a dispenser that continuously throws the items onto the item teleporter. ANd then from the exit, use water to make it go into a hopper that goes into a chest
  15. mastermindgolem

    item teleporters

    Place the start teleporter anywhere, and then place it where u want it to exit. Then click it to open its filter and add items there. Then any of those filtered items will teleport to the exit teleporter when thrown on it.
  16. mastermindgolem


    This is just a test, just give any answer to the poll above.
  17. mastermindgolem

    Suggestion for next season (Island mangement)

    Ahh see, itll help a ton for my events... I'd mainly not built games and events this season cuz it is damn hard to manage without inviting and trusting people.
  18. mastermindgolem

    Suggestion for next season (Island mangement)

    Or a simple solution would be to have 4-5 island ranks, Noob, Trusted, Manager, and Co-Owner, and only the owner can go and change what permissions each role has, so it is set to a default, but the owner can customize it how they wish
  19. mastermindgolem

    Season 4 Kits

    If the kits in season 4 remain the same, then I feel that they should be nerfed or removed ONLY FOR THE FIRST COUPLE WEEKS. Mainly because it would even the playing field for a bit so that huge teams who have tons of kits on many accounts already will not blast ahead of everyone else. Similar to...
  20. mastermindgolem

    Season 4 Ideas

    Its total, so one person can have all the collection, that is why its fine for teams, since teams usually have 1 person focusing 1 collection

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