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  1. tacini

    Cant join server

    You need to be on 1.14 up to 1.16.2 I believe
  2. tacini

    Question of the day

    I like everything
  3. tacini

    Dader's Event Submission

    Ooo that looks really good, good luck!
  4. tacini

    Make a request at

    Make a request at
  5. tacini

    Question of the day 2

    I slept, what about you?
  6. tacini

    staff need to hear this

    Thank you <3
  7. tacini

    New Farming Crop

    I feel like this could be a good addition and a great way to start adding more economy crafting recipes, and banana split would be a great addition like you said.
  8. tacini

    Event Winners August 2020 Event Winners [Build Event - Angels vs Demons]

    Congrats to everyone, all the builds looked amazing from the ones I saw!
  9. tacini

    Bell Locations Guide

    Thanks for the guide, also you beat mastermind xD
  10. tacini

    goettlichAF's Event Submission

    Looks really cool how you made it and about the passage idea! Good luck!
  11. tacini

    /block List

    +1 I feel like sometimes if people want to give other people another chance they don't even remember who they have blocked so this would benefit a lot!
  12. tacini

    how can i fly

    How about we don't spam the thread please, it is unnecessary, if you think Salty done something wrong please report him instead.
  13. tacini

    Update Ideas - SUGGEST HERE PLEASE.

    I feel like there needs to be more rare loot added into the warzone that way it attracts more people to go to the warzone. Drifter also needs to change, right now you can go out multiple times in it without losing anything and its very annoying when you are in clan fights because it means you...
  14. tacini

    Question regarding marriage rings

    Glad you solved it and got one in the end!
  15. tacini

    Update Ideas - SUGGEST HERE PLEASE.

    Small suggestion: make it so theres a setting for when your inventory is nearly full or full to give you a notification on screen
  16. tacini

    Petition that ItsClary should change her name.

    @ItsClary I'm still waiting for this to happen
  17. tacini


  18. tacini

    Gemstone recipes!

    Wow, thanks for making this list, it's going to help staff and both players too a lot!
  19. tacini


    Hey! I recommend you join the skybounds discord if you haven't already, many people post recruitment msgs there and you will have an overall better chance!

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