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  1. WerewolfGirl4

    Inventory Compactor

    Love this idea. I 110% agree since my inventory gets full after a minute of farming lol. /compact or /comp would be nice for ranked players.
  2. WerewolfGirl4

    Combat Logging System Concern

    Honestly adding the logging timer really helped a lot of pvp players who used the warzone more than non-pvp players. It gives them something worthwhile to do. The use of the drifter and duelist sets help if you are concerned with loosing items due to bigger teams. Over time, things should get...
  3. WerewolfGirl4

    ==Warzone Suggestions And Other Ideas==

    I loved outposts from the old skybounds server. Made me feel a little safer in warzone and I could plan routes better. I think having more sets will help with the pvp issue because people won't be as afraid to loose their things. Love this post! (y)
  4. WerewolfGirl4

    July 2020 Event Winners [Drawing Contest]

    Some very cool drawings! Congratz!
  5. WerewolfGirl4

    Devs -- Don't Forget Economy Recipes, They LOSE Money rn

    100% Didn't know that was a thing lol. Though when I checked shop previously, it showed them as the prices listed at the beginning of the thread, so I don't know if it was fixed to work with the boosts or fixed so it sells for the right price.
  6. WerewolfGirl4

    Logging in WZ.

    I agree with the 15s timer after getting out of combat. Gives pvp players more time to catch up.
  7. WerewolfGirl4

    Healing Wand

    I think it would be great for inventory space and pve, but too op for pvp.
  8. WerewolfGirl4

    Devs -- Don't Forget Economy Recipes, They LOSE Money rn

    Prices have been buffed. In /shop, frozen melon sells 25,150 each and eyeball pie sells for 101,350 each.
  9. WerewolfGirl4


    So I just wanted to say Net fishing is actually better than dynamite. You get more drops out of it (from what I have noticed). They need to buff dynamite for this reason (so its on par with net fishing as it should be). But yes, there should be a thing that prevents dynamiting when someone ELSE...
  10. WerewolfGirl4

    New Toggle- Mining Ore: Respawn Availability Timer

    Just wanted to suggest to add a new toggle to /c. I mine a lot of things like granite and because granite is a 1 shot with efficiency 5, my chat gets spammed with when the ore will respawn/become available. There are currently many toggles for many things, so I thought this one would be a really...
  11. WerewolfGirl4

    *** Skybounds Features that need to come back ***

    +1 for everything. I really miss mob arena and mining world. It was a fun way to detach yourself from the grind and earn something for it afterwards. I think there should be 10 people clans for warzone purposes, but some sort of chat that you can have more than 10 people on since I communicate...
  12. WerewolfGirl4

    Balance Needed in Rewarding the Season's Grind

    I agree with all of this. I'm generally a very grindy person, but there is a point when I refuse to do anything else because it simply isn't worth it. I think all openables from sets need to have a buff to their drop chance (even just a little buff) and that buff needs to scale more to the...
  13. WerewolfGirl4

    Clans Ruining Warzone + Solo's forced to go there.

    Okay I agree with a lot of this. I am one of those players that doesn't like pvp, so hence I don't like the warzone. It does make a lot of sense that things to progress are in the warzone and even there its easier to get things since people are less likely to hog things like at spawn. That being...
  14. WerewolfGirl4

    Junk Fishing in Pools

    Unbreakable sounds nice xD Maybe fishing nets could be craftable through Gold pool or something if they were to be unbreakable or even have upgrades for amount of loot/shipwreck chance :D
  15. WerewolfGirl4

    Junk Fishing in Pools

    I agree or even make it to where the net only breaks 5-10% of the time instead of every single time.
  16. WerewolfGirl4

    Junk Fishing in Pools

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to say there needs to be a fix to junk fishing. It was really nice before and now its entirely not worth it. I have spent 150k on 15 nets and only 1 message in a bottle, in which I only got an 8k note. There either needs to be a buff to message in a bottle or nerf the...
  17. WerewolfGirl4

    Harmony Season 3

    I have known some of the people from Harmony for so long and am so glad to be on their team. I hope we can use this season to meet and help spread kindness to others. đź’š
  18. WerewolfGirl4


    Honestly this season seems more thought out than the other one, granted I arrived late s2. I enjoy the leveling up system as it gives those who grind (/solo players) an advantage over those who just arrived (like during s2, someone could just join a leveled island and they didn't have to do...
  19. WerewolfGirl4

    Thoughts on s2 going into s3

    So are you saying that instead of waiting for them to complete the quest so the whole island can progress, you can skip the challenge altogether? I still think limiting islands to only a few active players isn't the way to go since a lot of us play for pleasure and aren't as competitive as others.
  20. WerewolfGirl4

    Thoughts on s2 going into s3

    Also also it would be cool to add those market vendor villagers from the old skybounds. I really enjoyed making shops for them. A lot of the things I suggest is from the old skybounds since I had my most fond memories there, so I do admit that I know very little about this "new" (to me) server.

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