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  1. CMMDiamondz

    Balance Needed in Rewarding the Season's Grind

    Also we really need something like sword storm, as so often we afk to get a large stack of mobs to grind and then they somehow become unkillable.
  2. CMMDiamondz

    Balance Needed in Rewarding the Season's Grind

    It’s really hard to make money unless you grind for hours and hours, would be nice if there was at least some small way to automate things, especially seed planting. We have a hard time scraping together enough money to do a 7.5m island upgrade, and I don’t see how it’s going to get any easier...
  3. CMMDiamondz

    Farming -- We farmers need a buff!!!

    Autofarms are a pain on many crops as you still have to replant them.
  4. CMMDiamondz

    Clans Ruining Warzone + Solo's forced to go there.

    We certainly can’t afford invis or vanishing spells.
  5. CMMDiamondz

    The Ultimate Season 3 Guide!

    You should hit enter before it so it is on a separate line, as I didn’t notice it either. Also, are you going to add shortcuts like /wz, /c, /c c,l,g,i (you know)? Also, you might add a disclaimer that certain commands may only be available with a rank, vaults, or home tokens, or something...
  6. CMMDiamondz

    Junk Fishing in Pools

    And the problem we are seeing already is no one wants to clear the junk, which makes fishing hard when there is a lot of junk, especially at the lower levels.
  7. CMMDiamondz

    When you die at spawn can you be given more time to get your stuff.

    Or make buyable warps to the areas like we have for some of the other areas.
  8. CMMDiamondz

    Season 3 Thoughts and Review (Personal Opinion)

    Very well thought out & nicely written. 💜
  9. CMMDiamondz

    items required for crafting armor sets/pets.

    Do you know how hard it is to make money? It’s really hard to make enough to buy the overpriced ah items. Like really hard.
  10. CMMDiamondz


    Can’t they enjoy killing each other? And I do think it’s the only way to get some things. Like, I get you can get some of the components needed from openables, but what good does that do you if the only way you can get openables is by having the armor sets already?
  11. CMMDiamondz


    Cool. I am the conduit queen & this was my favorite part of s1 & s2. 💜
  12. CMMDiamondz

    Harmony Season 3

    We are Harmony & would like to tell you a bit about our team. What Team Harmony Stands For: As our name indicates, we strive to create a caring, respectful group who put the needs and feelings of each other in higher regard than this game or competition with other teams. We want this to be a...
  13. CMMDiamondz


    I haven't had nearly as much time to play so far due to IRL stuff, but I'm really enjoying it so far, even though from things I heard beforehand, I felt like I probably wouldn't like it. Of course, my favorite part as always is playing with friends, but I also really like the variety in tools &...
  14. CMMDiamondz


    Do you have a rank? I believe first 2 hours is for ranked players only.
  15. CMMDiamondz

    SEASON 3!!!

    That's for the alt island : P
  16. CMMDiamondz

    SEASON 3!!!

    I'm too old to say gymbags is cute : P but he is very nice :)
  17. CMMDiamondz

    Forums Updates

    I agree. :)
  18. CMMDiamondz

    Fishing ch suggestion for next season

    Next season, if you have the fish 100 fish from each pool challenge again, please make it easier to see which pools you have already completed when you look at /ch. I have seen far too many people get confused and not know which pool they still need to fish from. Even better yet would be...
  19. CMMDiamondz

    June 2020 Event Winners [Season 3 Island Templates]

    I love this! <3 <3 <3 Congratulations to all of you for your hard work! <3
  20. CMMDiamondz


    No one wants to start the counting, because no one wants to get in trouble for spamming. :ROFLMAO:

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