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  1. Error_null

    Sat__'s Event Submission

    Error > all*
  2. Error_null

    Mysteria's Event Submission

    I can work with this
  3. Error_null

    Sat__'s Event Submission

    Looks sexy, like me!
  4. Error_null

    last word first word

    Tacini think's he is as sexy as me but in reality I am the sexiest most perfect human alive. AND THAT IS FACTS
  5. Error_null

    Skybounds Riot For 10mil

    I am Error_null and I disapprove of this riot.
  6. Error_null

    Limit increases.

    im down for limits to be reduced. i got stacks of obby waiting to be used ;)
  7. Error_null

    Mining Bot Optimizer

    Pog this is sick, thank you!
  8. Error_null

    ljcraft's Event Submission

    Looks sexy, like me.
  9. Error_null

    /Fly on island for building/builders

    So something similar to the orbs of flight from sb1, just paid?
  10. Error_null

    Swodaddy's Event Submission

    Very user friendly build, will definitely help out the newer players.
  11. Error_null

    Cactoos Is back... I repeat... Cactoos Is back

    Welcome back, hope you enjoy yourself!
  12. Error_null

    Suggestion: No armour wz events.

    I personally don’t see this working well as the clans will still have larger numbers, and if gear is just removed from events then there is not really a point to farming good gear when you can’t even use it to its maximum potential.
  13. Error_null

    last word first word

    Facts are cool.
  14. Error_null

    Error_null's Event Submission

    Minecraft Username: Error_null Explanation of your Entry: A little house on top of a floating island. The island contains some sunflowers, a little wheat farm and a tree. Video Documentation:
  15. Error_null

    Skill XP Daily Gain Calculator

    Thank you! This will be used a lot by people!
  16. Error_null

    Swodaddy's Event Submission

    Looks juicy
  17. Error_null

    ljcraft's Event Submission

    Looks good!!!
  18. Error_null

    Enchant slot crafting

    I would love to see these be able to be crafted as i use slots quite a bit.
  19. Error_null

    Crafting book

    What recipe was it? It will be in /crafting

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