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  1. hishoka

    S2 Update #5 - SACRED CRAFTING

  2. hishoka

    Why has the server turned to completeP2W

    to quote you on mentioning us, we hardly get these 'really good thing' like the dragon shards and cactus crop blocks without having to buy them off other players. just because we have diamond sets does not mean we automatically know where the legendary chests are.
  3. hishoka

    Why has the server turned to completeP2W

    i'm kind of confused on the whole argument that you 'p2w' for better gear in warzone, when you still grind or buy it off the auction house. skybounds can be fully played without buying anything. i do agree that this new kit is a bit busted though, +1
  4. hishoka

    S2 Update #3 - New Enchants, Easter Bunny, New Pets, and More!

    yo this update is pog, +1 <3 my questions, 1. theres no changes to skydrop loot, will xp/money be bumped next week or this week? 2. will the new custom enchants be part of the skydrop loot like the others are? 3. Will the new speed enchant 'Gears' mess with the 'rage' - since if you drop a...
  5. hishoka

    Event Suggestion / New Chat Suggestion.

    Hey, Hishoka here. Event Suggestion: I have an event suggestion for "Sumo" , now, this could give people something else to do while you hit your limits and such. Now, yes, there will be tryhards at this though it could be another competitive sense if a leader board was added. This could also...
  6. hishoka

    Your thoughts on PUBG

    I used to play the pc version, I also actually uninstalled the phone version earlier today since I didn't play it at all. decent game,
  7. hishoka

    Easter on Skybounds :O

    +1 for sure : p
  8. hishoka

    season 2, and where it is currently without the fishing weekend update

    im glad to see such wonderful discussions on here <3 , lets hope bajan or laake sees the post :0
  9. hishoka

    season 2, and where it is currently without the fishing weekend update

    maybe a prestiging level type of deal, who knows- bumped sell prices or its own market after a prestige to sell things 🤷
  10. hishoka

    season 2, and where it is currently without the fishing weekend update

    I would say a lot has happened, what's broken with season 2 in 3 category's. : warzone: 1. warzone started out with not enough content after week 1, and with what Bajan's said, hopefully in 2 weeks it'll be better. 2. I don't think koth will fix anything pvp wise, more or less it'll be one sided...
  11. hishoka

    Let's Talk About PvP and Warzone

    sounds like kingdom days if you add back the soups, so +1 :O ,, now we just need them healing rods back :hehe:
  12. hishoka

    Stay safe everyone

    !! remember to drink water
  13. hishoka


    They added something similar in the kingdom days, was fun but the cool down wasn't big enough so they killed alts commonly. +1 for the idea though!
  14. hishoka

    Warzone Suggestion for: Combat Tag

    hey- i understand what you're saying but let's not trash the thread :)
  15. hishoka

    Warzone Suggestion for: Combat Tag

    Hello, I'm coming on the forums here today to talk about the current loot dropping of items into the void here in Skybounds 2 Season 2 Warzone. My suggestion here today is if- you have the combat tagging boss bar that pops up on top of your screen- when that is enabled, you are not able to drop...
  16. hishoka

    SEASON 2

    pog ?
  17. hishoka

    SERVER RESET - Season 2!

    hype hype hype
  18. hishoka

    ItzKenziee's Event Submission

    ah yes the staff team replys- beautiful to see. love the rainbow in the back, goodluck.
  19. hishoka

    Skybounds Event #2: Build Event - Easter

    yooo đź‘€ i can't wait to see what people make

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