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  1. zakolano

    zakolano's Event Submission

    Minecraft Username: zakolano Explanation of your Entry: This is a classic take on the original skyblock island, except for 1 exception, it's hardcore skyblock. After hours of hard work from me and my team, we have created this masterpiece of a skyblock island that will give a skyblock...
  2. zakolano


    Yeah the cooldown for changing primary island is 48 hours and not 24 hours, so after the 48 hours you can change it back.
  3. zakolano

    last word first word

    Queens are often considered the best piece in a game of chess.
  4. zakolano

    last word first word

    Moldy cheese balls are not very good.
  5. zakolano

    last word first word

    Creative people make this thread enjoyable to read
  6. zakolano

    Challenge Passes: P2W Only?

    I would love to see challenge passes become more common due to all the complaints about the koth challenges, and with the poll at 32-0, hopefully something gets done about it lol.
  7. zakolano

    Bounties and wager 1v1s

    I would love to see duels come back, or even better, a 1v1 system in warzone so I don't get ganked as often lol.
  8. zakolano

    Hide and Seek New Warzone Event

    I feel like this is a great idea to allow all skill levels a chance to get points and be able to have fun in the game, especially with the fair gear and stuff like that. A few adjustments I might want to though: 1.) Maybe put boundaries in the warzone, maybe like 500x500, because the warzone is...
  9. zakolano

    last word first word

    people might be very disappointed that you messed the chain up.
  10. zakolano

    Warzone for plebs guide Pros dont read and learn our secrects

    or, even better than iron, diamond swords. lol
  11. zakolano

    last word first word

    Words are used to form sentences.
  12. zakolano

    SERVER RESET - Season 2!

    Everyone did when the server reset, all the stars and islands were wiped when it did. You can look at your island from last season by doing /showcase
  13. zakolano

    Immortal Stone

    I feel like compared to some of the other loot in the immortal stones, a pumpkin crop scrap is quite small in worth. I think a better solution might be to make it multiple crops scraps (Like 2-4) to make it a bit more balanced with other things in the crate. On the other hand, this is normally...
  14. zakolano

    Change the mayors house

    Just to follow up on this post, the doors have been removed and replaced with this sign xD
  15. zakolano

    last word first word

    London is a big city in England.
  16. zakolano


    I believe the main reason why it was switched was not to interfere with the daily reset, which caused many issue inside moth, with many people losing sets. I would love to see a change though, because as you said, the new times just aren't convenient for some people.
  17. zakolano

    last word first word

    Food is eaten with your mouth.
  18. zakolano

    Problems with King Of The Hill and Being a Challenge Everyone Needs to Complete.

    I'm gonna play the devil's advocate on this one since I see both sides of this argument, yes, it is very hard to get these points if you're not part of a big clan that has lots of people go out, but no, it's not impossible to do. A main example of this is that one of my friends who left the...
  19. zakolano

    I need help with Mine 1000 mellons

    I think I have around 100 melon blocks if you want to farm them, do /is go zakolano

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