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    1. broaded

      Idea Noted Island shops

      I would love for island shops to come back, where you would have a npc and you could put items you wanted to sell inside for a certain price and such, it was a way to interact with a lot of the community and people would be looking around for stuff on other island shops etc. It was very fun to...
    2. broaded

      Idea Noted Skills/Levels

      So many people like the way that skills are right now, and some people don't. I personally don't mind how it is, but I would love for the system that was in place in season 2 to come back. You would need to grind your island to level 100, and this created competitions, for all skills, right now...
    3. broaded


      What are your favourite food combinations?
    4. broaded

      Skybounds memories

      Hey, I got bored so I wanted to make this thread. I would like to find out what everyone's best memory whilst being a part of the skybounds community is. Please keep everything appropriate and nothing to do with punishments, I want positive vibes in this thread. My favourite memory I remember...
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