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    1. Rboney88

      Scrolls (At least the Lowest Tier Ones)

      These need a masssssive buffing. Spending 10m stars to get the equivalent of maybe 20-25k stars is complete and utter stupidity. I literally grinded a bunch of stuff to get 43 wheat, 4096 star note, an iron fishing rod, and 20 apples. That is complete and utter crap. The scrolls should be worth...
    2. Rboney88

      Loot Crates

      Suggestion/Opinion: Remove the Easter Pet from the epic item loot pool. I know it wasn't supposed to be as common as it is now, but it's definitely not an "epic" loot item. Thanks for y'alls time. :)
    3. Rboney88

      Skill Stat Extras

      For possible future seasons maybe implement a system in which the trophy is attained at say 100k skill grinded (Like Oak, Spruce, etc) but after that have things that make the grind past that have rewards too. Such as, at 250k you get a reward of some sort, again at 500k, and again at 1,000,000...
    4. Rboney88

      TP's for each fishing area

      Assuming there will be multiple fishing areas as there have been the past couple of seasons, it would be amazing if we could get tp's working to /tp to each pool. Even if you must pay for each one and more based on the level of the pool, it would make fishing and getting around the fishing area...
    5. Rboney88

      Idea Noted PVP Chat

      So after just over a year on the server now, I have seen a lot, grinded a lot, and enjoyed a lot. I love this server and so many of the people I have met and gotten close with. However, the one major thing I notice and I know others do as well, is the utter toxicity surrounding PVP. So if at all...
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