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    1. ItsMeTrick

      Resigning ;-;

      Hello everyone! I resigned from staffing because I got offered to join a 6 month course in which by the end of it i'll be offered a job opportunity. I won't have as much time for staffing so decided that I have to focus more on my irl life. I'll still be playing in game along side all of you...
    2. ItsMeTrick

      Merry Christmas everyone!!!

      I hope you all have a wonderful day with your friends/family!
    3. ItsMeTrick

      Rank kit upgrades

      I think it would be cool to have a chance of getting legendary skydrops in rank kits? Would be a nice bonus.
    4. ItsMeTrick

      Should we be able to advertise giveaways?

      Personally I love to give back to everyone but only 20-30 people enter my giveaways because I’m not allowed to advertise. I’m just trying to help out the people that maybe are having a ruff start to skybounds. What do y’all think about the no advertising rule?
    5. ItsMeTrick

      Do you enjoy skybounds?

      Hey! I personally have been enjoying skybounds although id love some new features. I'm excited for season two because I've done pretty much all I can on season one, just thought id ask everyone else what they think <3
    6. ItsMeTrick

      Crafting Swords/Pickaxes is boring...

      I know this has been brought up in the past but i feel that it needs to be brought up again. Everyday I among with many others spend hours and hours crafting pickaxes and swords for bots. I would like to suggest a shop system inside the bots that would give them enough swords for a days work? I...
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