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    1. mastermindgolem


      1) Drifter + Legendary Skydrop After seeing the many threads regarding legendary skydrops and the drifter set, I think I have come up with a solution that could benefit both parts of the community. Firstly, from what I understand, the main reason drifters go to legendary chests is because that...
    2. mastermindgolem

      Game-Breaking Dupe

      This is a new dupe method that I found earlier today on Skybounds. This is an in-depth tutorial as to how to do it. This may take some practice to do. Firstly, this will only work if you are in a timezone that is GMT+6 or before. Secondly, you have to understand that this is an April Fool...
    3. mastermindgolem

      Frequently Asked Questions (S5 Updated)

      HUGE Thanks to CMMDiamondz for helping me make this guide! How can I delete my island? Type /is, then click the TNT in the bottom right corner, and confirm. How can I change my primary island? Type /is all, and then shift-right click the island you want to make your primary. How do I craft a...
    4. mastermindgolem

      Season 5 Guide

      So this is a short guide for new players on how to start playing Skybounds Season 5. Please let me know via in game msg, discord DMs, or in the comments if I missed out on anything. Step 1: Complete every beginner challenge. Tip 1: If you DIE at spawn, you will have 2 minutes to go back to the...
    5. mastermindgolem

      Crafting Set

      Crafting Set. Recipe: Crafting set component + 32 Charged Carrot + 32 Compact Bread + 32 Hunter's Chicken + 4 Sugar, per piece. Bonus: +25% crafting xp OR +10% chance to get an extra drop while crafting OR Give a 5% sell boost for next 60 seconds
    6. mastermindgolem

      Eternal Shard

      Simple, it is a shard that has a 100% of unlocking the kit. Wouldn't be that hard to code since it's a regular iKit shard, but all the thingies are green. How to get: WZ /ah Trophy Shop using 10-15 trophies? Pro: People who feel they have terrible luck will buy it. Can be used for compensating...
    7. mastermindgolem

      Progress Bar

      It would be nice to be able to see our progress on the skill that we are grinded, not challenges, maybe as a counter above the hp bar, or like how the challenge progress is shown. Also, it would be nice if for fishing, the challenge progress bar stays for longer, since it takes time for one to...
    8. mastermindgolem


      Bring back /math, but maybe keep it for Comet+ or Void+ And it will just automatically compact any resources in the inventory.
    9. mastermindgolem

      Tradeworld Parkour

      Go to /ah, and find the parkour start Complete the parkour to get a [Parkour Chest: Common] It can be gotten once a day as far as I know, and it gives Ancient Runes Legendary Relics Immortal Stones Fishing/Farming/Mining/Woodcutting/Slayer openables The checkpoints work, but are a bit buggy...
    10. mastermindgolem

      Valentine Rose Quest Locations

      Due to it being Valentine's day, a new quest has been released, where one must find 10 roses hidden around spawn. This post contains the location of each of them and screenshots showing where they are. Completion of the quest gives stars + a Billy Slayer (pls no kill Billy) BIG thanks to...
    11. mastermindgolem

      mastermindgolem's Event Submission

      Minecraft Username: mastermindgolem Explanation of your Entry: This is my first ever build event submission, and I decided to build the most famous monument in my country, the Taj Mahal, but with a twist. My build isn't actually a replica of the Taj Mahal, but of a similar monument called...
    12. mastermindgolem

      Idea Noted Island Size

      Due to many builders facing problem with the island size, if an island upgrade is added for island size, it would make it easier for builders since it would be cheaper to JUST increase size instead of having to go through all the island levels.
    13. mastermindgolem

      Custom Items

      Skybounds has many custom items. This means that newer players may not understand how these items work. Therefore this post contains some of the most common custom items, and explains how to obtain them and how to use them. If there are any items that are missing from this list, add it as a...
    14. mastermindgolem

      Season 4

      This thread contains a list of some of the things in season 4 that "broke" it. Basically anything that make it too easy to progress. This does not contain bugs like Challenge progress. 1) Prospector Prospector was OP since it allows players to get every mining material just by having a stone...
    15. mastermindgolem

      Slayer/Grinding Buff

      In the 5 current skills, farming, fishing, woodcutting, mining, and slayer, I feel that slayer is the only skill that needs something new in it. Firstly, I feel there needs to be more weapons, or tools that are specific to slayer, and there needs to be a better progression, since anyone can grab...
    16. mastermindgolem

      Fishing Warps

      Every single skill has warps to every single island, but WHY NOT FISHING! Fishing is spread out over 20 or so different islands, but has only 1 warp. For someone without flight, it is very hard to go to a specific pond. This is why fishing warps should let you purchase the warp for any of the...
    17. mastermindgolem

      Beginner Guide

      So this is a short guide for new players on how to start playing Skybounds. Step 1: Complete every beginner challenge. Tip 1: If you DIE at spawn, you will have 2 minutes to go back to the coordinates in chat to get back your items before others can take it. Tip 2: For the Logger Challenge, you...
    18. mastermindgolem

      Pickaxe Enchantment

      This is an idea for a new ENCHANT, not GEMSTONE. Since I feel this would work better as an enchant instead of a gemstone which you can only have 5 max of. Basically what it does is that it will upgrade the mining power of the tool by 20% It will have 5 levels, each increasing it by 20% to a max...
    19. mastermindgolem

      Forums Dark Mode

      with the new s4 forums look, we need a dark mode
    20. mastermindgolem

      Random Poll 2

      Random Poll numero dos
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