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    1. ItsMeTrick

      !!!Openable IKIT!!!

      Reminds me sorta of "Summoner" kit on original skybounds, It had all the openables, transforming skulls etc too. +1
    2. ItsMeTrick


      Hype hype hype!
    3. ItsMeTrick

      Resigning ;-;

      Will be in game and on disccccc!
    4. ItsMeTrick


    5. ItsMeTrick

      Resigning ;-;

      Hello everyone! I resigned from staffing because I got offered to join a 6 month course in which by the end of it i'll be offered a job opportunity. I won't have as much time for staffing so decided that I have to focus more on my irl life. I'll still be playing in game along side all of you...
    6. ItsMeTrick

      Skybounds Texturepack ?????

    7. ItsMeTrick

      DaBaby Prefix

    8. ItsMeTrick

      Season 5 DISCUSSION

      Moo very gamer
    9. ItsMeTrick

      banned ?

      You can read about what’s happening a bit here https://skybounds.com/monthlypost/#post-47909
    10. ItsMeTrick

      banned ?

      The server is currently in downtime because we are moving onto the next season, it’s expected to come back up on the 13th.
    11. ItsMeTrick

      Thank You Rose & Legend!!!!!

    12. ItsMeTrick

      More Planning Needed Ability timer upgrades

      I like this idea and I agree with moose that it'd have to be balanced corrected but honestly would like to have this in the game.
    13. ItsMeTrick

      ❤️Valentines Update❤️

      hype hype hype!
    14. ItsMeTrick

      mastermindgolem's Event Submission

      Looks good :)
    15. ItsMeTrick

      JgaGaming's Event Submission

      Awesome :)
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