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    1. WerewolfGirl4

      Player Islands

      I mean it's a great idea in theory so that you could save your builds, but that's how seasonal servers work-- they give you a completely fresh start. Personally I like having to build something new each season as it allows me to go with other themes. So while this would be a cool implement, its...
    2. WerewolfGirl4

      ✧ Skybounds Season Six Changelogs ✧

      Season 6 hypeeee :D
    3. WerewolfGirl4


      Oh Wow! Amazing work and can't wait for S6
    4. WerewolfGirl4

      Skybounds Official Season 6 Texture pack

      I'd love to see one for Skybounds with the different ores and tools
    5. WerewolfGirl4

      SBultimateV1 release (Needs Optifine)

      Those textures look epic! Can't wait to try it :D
    6. WerewolfGirl4

      Keep Forums

      I think we should keep the forums as it is a place for people to post their thoughts on certain issues, post helpful guides for other players and overall connect with each other. If it was discord only, it would be a lot harder to appeal to punishments or create these guides as they would...
    7. WerewolfGirl4

      Season 4 Ideas

      Honestly quests are what I'm all about, as well as skills and custom crafting. I want grinding to pay off incrementally so the more you grind one thing, the more you get out of it + you could get bonus things from it (like if you grinded 100k wheat, you could get a 3x drop bonus and 1.5x custom...
    8. WerewolfGirl4


      I also use factories that auto compact and then sell afterwards with a barter pet. Essence factories are good if you grind a lot and you tend to get a lot of essence through grinding trophies. Just focus on leveling your island to cactus teir and thats when factories get really good.
    9. WerewolfGirl4

      Expired Event September 2020 Event Winners [Build Event - All Things Creative]

      Congratulations to the winners! I love looking at your submissions and they are amazing.
    10. WerewolfGirl4

      Warzone Trophies

      I love this idea as it gives people more reasons to go to warzone and rewards those who have been looting / pvping a lot.+1
    11. WerewolfGirl4

      Makiboi's Event Submission

      Amazing! I don't know how you blended the colors so well. Gl! :D
    12. WerewolfGirl4

      Skybounds memories

      I remember the times during ancient (OG) where I would go and organize peoples islands. It was so much fun since everything was so new and people were so kind. I also have been enjoying this season since coming back as I have reconnected with the community, my old OG friends and became staff. I...
    13. WerewolfGirl4

      Making Axes a pvp item for next season

      It would be really cool to add sharpness + gemstones to axes. Maybe even future skills? :)
    14. WerewolfGirl4


      This would be so nice to have on the sellers and buyers side. +1
    15. WerewolfGirl4

      Island Perms

      I agree, it would be nice to edit permissions for workers. +1
    16. WerewolfGirl4

      Combining Ore Seeds Together

      YES PLEASE!! +1
    17. WerewolfGirl4

      Clan members In Warzone

      Would be really nice to know who is part of what team and that they know you are an ally. +1
    18. WerewolfGirl4

      Factory Machines

      That would be so nice to have an automatic input on essence machines since essence does tend to stack up. +1
    19. WerewolfGirl4

      Easier way to chat to people

      Good idea since /r does bring a lot of problems to me. Maybe /r could only reply to someone who you have replied to before, so that the conversation continues and others who message you will only be messaged back if you type /msg [player]. Might be too complicated but I like the idea in this...
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