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  1. Elephxnt

    The word Gay should be muteable

    Saying the term gay as a placement word for "stupid" or "dumb" is not needed, but once again that's just my opinion. No one can stop someone from using the word like that, its just how it is. I don't agree with it, but just my view on it. I think people should be allowed to say the word gay, if...
  2. Elephxnt

    What's your favorite way of making stars?

    Well... coinflip haha
  3. Elephxnt

    Free Time because of Quarantine

    Sleep, school, fortnite, and makeup :cool:
  4. Elephxnt

    How Long have you been playing Skybounds?

    Once Mitch started recording, that's when I hoped on da Skybounds bus
  5. Elephxnt

    Secret bunnies guide

    Amazing guide! Thanks a lot
  6. Elephxnt

    SEASON 2 - Update #1

    Sounds sick!
  7. Elephxnt


    5/10, because your profile picture is scaring me
  8. Elephxnt

    Season 2 quests

    Very Impressive! Thanks a lot CMM <3
  9. Elephxnt

    Simple Conduit Guide

    Not gonna lie, these confuse the crap out of me haha. Really helpful, thanks!
  10. Elephxnt

    March 2020 Event Winners [Easter Builds]

    Congrats! All builds look stunning
  11. Elephxnt

    Season 2

    Fishing, 10/10
  12. Elephxnt

    Server Bells Season 2 | A Guide to All 15

    What a legend. Thank you!
  13. Elephxnt

    SEASON 2

    Looking so dope!
  14. Elephxnt

    lindseyxs's Event Submission

    OMG, this is so cute! Wishing you the best of luck!
  15. Elephxnt

    Ript1de_'s Event Submission

    Omg, I love it :O Best of luck!
  16. Elephxnt

    Pingylous's Event Submission

    Looks really cute! Best of luck. :)
  17. Elephxnt

    Season 2 and Reset

    So many people complain about it, but I absolutely love the new start. It’s so much fun and I just like to build, haha. So excited :))
  18. Elephxnt

    Changing spawn point on your island

    I like the idea of being able to change your island spawn, but it could cause some issues with other players, glitches, etc. If this does ever come into the game, maybe you could have a limited amount of times that you can change your island spawn, and once you change it, the bedrock spawns on...
  19. Elephxnt

    Add pets GUI to the showcase tab

    I do think it's a good idea to be able to showcase your own pets. Would be a nice add in. Good idea!
  20. Elephxnt

    ljcraft's Event Submission

    Lj omg, I love it! Goodluck

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