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  1. HandelMozart

    Change invis

    Yes, allowing invis to be removed only from a victim being hit rather than someone using it to kill isn’t balanced. What’s true for one side should be true for the other. Is invis PvP something true PvP’ers would really want to argue as a legitimate tactic that deserves protection? I kind of...
  2. HandelMozart

    Slow Down Top Islands

    I do agree that the new Skybounds does seem to favor team play, but we knew that going into it. That’s why my dearest online friends and I joined forces to play. We are a small team actually, but we work really well together and have fun doing it. If you are solo, you need to not try to compete...
  3. HandelMozart

    Rank Colors for Chat and Tab

    My above comment still stands, but I would like to see pm texts in green to differentiate from island text. It gets confusing.
  4. HandelMozart

    Rank Colors for Chat and Tab

    Okay, I get that many of you like the concept of different chat text colors for different ranks, but one of the main reasons I quit another server I tried was the visual assault to my eyes from the mix of different text colors in chat. It’s horrible when it flies by hours on end. Currently, the...
  5. HandelMozart

    My thoughts on the new server

    As a middle aged player, and a fellow Dino member, I do understand your frustration. I felt much the same way when I first saw the new server. Though there are aspects that I still don’t like as much as classic, I loved the community of Skybounds most of all and most of my Dino friends are now...
  6. HandelMozart

    XP Tracker - Suggestion

    I would honestly like to see an xp tracker for all the skills on the sidebar. It’s annoying to have to type /fishing, /farming, etc. every time to check it.
  7. HandelMozart

    Fishing combo suggestion

    The fishing grind is beyond grindy, and I am personally bad at getting my timing right on pulls so I miss a decent amount. I think adding buffs for combos is a great idea that would make me focus better and reward the dedicated fisherman on the server. +1
  8. HandelMozart

    Combat Levels

    I already die a lot in warzone as it is. Sigh, this will mean I die more often. It would be a fun addition for my PVP friends, though.
  9. HandelMozart

    Kill trackers back!!!

    Personally, I don’t care about flexing, lol. I know many PVE friends did enjoy it for mob kills, and of course the PVP friends loved it for showing warzone dominance. Just please don’t make killing so many people in warzone a required challenge. Oi
  10. HandelMozart


    Well, I get killed every time I go into the warzone anyway. Might as well let someone benefit since they usually kill me before i grab any loot, lol. +1
  11. HandelMozart

    Thanks (I’m a lady by the way)! I love classical music and these are my two favorite composers. 😊

    Thanks (I’m a lady by the way)! I love classical music and these are my two favorite composers. 😊
  12. HandelMozart

    Fishing nerfed

    Skybounds 2 already puts solos at a disadvantage as it favors teams. There is nothing I can do about that.
  13. HandelMozart

    Fishing nerfed

    I’m not a Royal, and they are competition. However, I can respect their hard work and dedication. This nerf has severely impacted our team and every smaller team and solo island. If the people that spent all of yesterday complaining about them had fished instead, think how much further along...
  14. HandelMozart

    Fishing nerfed

    I spent hours last night defending the Royals in global because I know they did fish around the clock to surge far ahead of us all. Having a large team helped of course. My issue is that the Royals were allowed to benefit handsomely and then that path was snatched away from the rest of us. The...
  15. HandelMozart

    Old Skybound ranks?

    The old server still exists on and you still have your rank there. Skybounds did do a limited time rank compensation for those with rank on Skybounds 1 to get sun rank with boost gems appropriate to your old rank. The window for rank compensation ended January 1st, though. I’m...
  16. HandelMozart

    No More Warzone Immunity?

    Running away may be easy for you, but I get cornered at jumps I can’t make every time and then killed.
  17. HandelMozart

    Warzone jumps are stupid ridiculous

    The warzone jumps are definitely too difficult in many places. Some fine-tuning of the parkour out there is needed. Hopefully the devs can take a look at this soon.
  18. HandelMozart

    No More Warzone Immunity?

    I do agree that immunity had gotten too OP in season 1. Yes, it is a warzone, but there are many solo players as well as non-pvp players who also enjoy the server. With the warzone now including impossible parkour jumps needed to even get around to the different areas, including 5-15 minute orbs...
  19. HandelMozart

    Island Limit Increase / Party Chat Needed

    I agree on increasing the limit. Remove any warzone protection component to party chat and make it a way for friends of different clans to talk.
  20. HandelMozart

    Island Limit Increase / Party Chat Needed

    I know you mean well, but the chat stays toxic 85% of the time so it is hard to know where to begin with reporting. Not all toxicity is necessarily breaking a server rule even if it negatively impacts a player’s experience. I do report when I believe a rule is being broken, though.

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