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  1. Tyler489


    nooo not fanno
  2. Tyler489

    use 1.14.4

    use 1.14.4
  3. Tyler489

    Fishing drops.

    I like this
  4. Tyler489

    Clan upgrades

    yes please my island needs this
  5. Tyler489

    My thoughts on the new server

    your ranks are still on I rather like the level ups because it means you don't get the best money items right off the bat. as for the economy yeah it's a bit high but go to the warzone and loot a couple chests if you get a bot or something high value that's an easy 5-20mill by...
  6. Tyler489

    When your old rank doesn't count for season 2 (solved lol)

    SEASON 1 of skybounds 2.0 not skybounds 1.0
  7. Tyler489

    Warzone jumps are stupid ridiculous

    It has been confirmed that some jumps are impossible and are not intended to be that way. I was told that the admin team worked on fixing all of the known ones and it should be pushed to the server soon.
  8. Tyler489

    Old Skybound ranks?

    what do you mean? link it to your forums?
  9. Tyler489

    I wasted so much money on skybounds and I get nothing for it

    Technicly yes its still the same people but it is a different company. when you check out now it is no longer but fooping gaming company. additionally there was some compensation but the last day for it has passed. while it does bite that you don't get anything on the new server...
  10. Tyler489

    I wasted so much money on skybounds and I get nothing for it

    I wouldn't say it was a waste. you used it while you played on the server and then left for some reason or another. you used your perks while you played. also if they compensated you then they would have to compensate everyone. 500 aud while might be a lot for you some players spend 5 or 10...
  11. Tyler489

    ah HA HA HA! ha Ah HA! ah hoh Ha!

    ah HA HA HA! ha Ah HA! ah hoh Ha!
  12. Tyler489

    Add pets GUI to the showcase tab

    This would be great then i could save my piggy pet
  13. Tyler489

    SERVER RESET - Season 2!

    What about the Santa kit i have a lot of players asking about that. also can the home bug be fixed as I believe everyone has lost there home unlocks
  14. Tyler489

    Hmmm Yes

    so this a post in a post within a post within a post within a post?
  15. Tyler489

    Hmmm Yes

    where is this forum post talking about forum posts.. I would like to make a forum post on it.
  16. Tyler489

    ItzKenziee's Event Submission

    I would like to remind all people that enter the event to double check that they are following all of the rules so they do not get disqualified.
  17. Tyler489

    Cezar15's Event Submission

    With that being said I would definitly look over the rules again outlined in the forum post by Lauren quoted below. I would hate for your build to be Disqualified
  18. Tyler489

    Cezar15's Event Submission

    I love the use of mushroom blocks in the egg and flower. that's such a good use for them. Good luck to you.
  19. Tyler489

    ItzKenziee's Event Submission

    Good luck, Its very cute.
  20. Tyler489

    Placable "showcase" item.

    I love this idea. Another thing that would be cool if you could showcase an entire set of armor and have it display on a mini model in the showcase block.

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