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  1. Barb

    Change invis

    With immunity being removed this season I see a big need for a feature like this. I see a lot of people wanting immunity back in the game but I feel like this would be a great replacement. You're not completely invincible but this would allow people who don't want to fight in the warzone to come...
  2. Barb

    S2 Update #2 - Fishing Techniques!

    Cant wait to try these new fishing items :D Sick update!!!!
  3. Barb

    Orbs of Flight

    Even know I think this would be a good idea for the solo's or people who don't use the shop who are on the server, I don't think this will make a return to skybounds. I feel like Byr0 makes a good point ^^^ and a lot of players already have the 5 player boosts for the flight perk. Hopefully...
  4. Barb

    Skybounds Event #3: Build Event - Under The Sea

    This looks like it'll be an interesting topic!! Its gonna be a pain to work with all that water 😂 Anyways good luck to everyone participating!! :p
  5. Barb

    Fishing Bosses and Fisher sets

    I've seen something similar to this on another skyblock server and it was a really cool and unique mechanic. That being said I feel like Nutel1a brings up a good point and I think with the size of the fishing island and there only being 2 spawns it would probably be cramped fighting it at spawn...
  6. Barb

    farming/fishing xp.

    the more XP the better :P +1 from me
  7. Barb

    Free Time because of Quarantine

    Hey all :3 With all the self-quarantining that's been going on, a lot of us are stuck inside and have a lot more free time on our hands. With my free time I've just started learning how to play the acoustic guitar and play Skybounds of course :P What are all of you getting up too? I also hope...
  8. Barb

    The Last Challenge

    I agree that this one is super tough xD its too bad they have to be unbuilt schematics and not just any old schematic 🤷‍♀️
  9. Barb

    add daylight sensor to the shop

    I rarely see daylight sensors being used in this game and it would be cool to see what the community could come up with using them! Why not have it in the shop :P +1
  10. Barb

    SkyBounds2.2 Ideas Post 1

    I really like the idea's you've listed here! With the fishing robot, I doubt that would be coming because you can only fish at spawn and not at your island. I don't mind doing the fishing at spawn either now that nobody can steal my drops :P Overall good list, I'd love to see some of these...
  11. Barb

    SEASON 2 - Update #1

    looking good :D Excited to play the new update :3!
  12. Barb

    Combat Levels

    I think this is a pretty good idea. I remember people who warzoned enjoying this system back in the day and I think more leaderboards coming into the game isn't a bad thing what so ever! +1!
  13. Barb

    Is there some sort of wait period I have to go through?

    You're welcome!! enjoy your time on the server :D
  14. Barb

    Is there some sort of wait period I have to go through?

    Hello @NJknowsMC ! which version of minecraft on you running? Skybounds runs strictly on version 1.14.4 also try using the IP: or
  15. Barb

    XP Tracker - Suggestion

    Yeah i think this would fit into the game really well as a nice QOL addition like Nutel1a said. I think this would be a cool thing to have on like the sidebar kind of like the challenge progress information on our sidebars on Skybounds Original. I'd like to see this ingame :) +1
  16. Barb

    I built the warzone xD

    Good luck on your island build :) i know each of the warzones from season 1 are pretty massive xD Which worlds warzone are you gonna build? (TFI, dino, etc.)
  17. Barb

    Warzone jumps are stupid ridiculous

    To add on, if any of you find an impossible jump feel free to report it to any staff member and it'll be dealt with :)
  18. Barb

    Old Skybound ranks?

    I assume he means the ranks from the old server. If thats the case then your rank is still on the there and you can connect on minecraft version 1.8.9 and with the server IP:
  19. Barb

    Can't go to my island

    The island servers are having issues at the moment. The devs know about the issue and are trying to resolve it. Please be patient!
  20. Barb

    Fishing combo suggestion

    I feel like you have the start of a good idea going here. I think something should be added to the fishing mechanic to spice it up a little, because I personally dont enjoy it that much (especially with the crowded ponds xD) I feel like the rates would have to be higher, even then I think this...

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