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  1. The_Dog_Rules

    S2 Update #2 - Fishing Techniques!

    Looks sick, can’t wait.
  2. The_Dog_Rules

    Did I though?

    Did I though?
  3. The_Dog_Rules

    Splash Potions

    Soups would be AMAZING, much better then pots. It’s what made me enjoy kingdoms pvp just a bit more then pvp on skybounds.
  4. The_Dog_Rules


  5. The_Dog_Rules

    Idea: Fishing set

    I think that any type boost to fishing would be nice, certainly would make sense that you actually have to fish to obtain it.
  6. The_Dog_Rules

    Slow Down Top Islands

    I mean, at its simplest it’s a numbers game, of course more people multiples the amount of exp you can get, there isn’t a way to really stop that. It’s pretty well balanced in my opinion however.
  7. The_Dog_Rules

    Under Water Build Event Additions

    I think fish buckets with the fish mobs inside them would be amazing for builds.
  8. The_Dog_Rules

    Let's Talk About PvP and Warzone

    All very good ideas tbh, would love the soups compared to pots.
  9. The_Dog_Rules

    Skybounds Event #3: Build Event - Under The Sea

    I can't wait to see all the builds, best of luck yall.
  10. The_Dog_Rules

    Clan upgrades

    Agree completely, more stuff to upgrade is always fun to grind for.
  11. The_Dog_Rules

    Daily challenges/global challenges

    Would definitely give people more stuff to do, I think it’s a cool idea.
  12. The_Dog_Rules

    The Last Challenge

    This is just one of those more luck based challenges, just gotta get lucky all there is to it.
  13. The_Dog_Rules

    What's your favorite way of making stars?

    Mining is probably one the best and easiest ways to make stars.
  14. The_Dog_Rules

    SkyBounds2.2 Ideas Post 1

    I think fishing bosses would be a good addition, certainly adds more of a risk.
  15. The_Dog_Rules

    What do you all have planned for the up coming summer?

    Was going to go California and some other places on the west coast, idk if that’s happening now,
  16. The_Dog_Rules

    Rank Colors for Chat and Tab

    I think it would be cool, I agree that the chat colors should match the discord colors, as to not confuse the players with staff.
  17. The_Dog_Rules

    Kill trackers back!!!

    I think it would be cool to have. It would allow for flexing, I think mining trackers and such should also be added.
  18. The_Dog_Rules

    SEASON 2 - Update #1

    Looks sick, can’t wait.
  19. The_Dog_Rules

    No More Warzone Immunity?

    I mean, as of right now, I don't see a big need for immunity, but if they start adding custom stuff that u have to go into warzone for, then I can see adding small orbs like moose said.
  20. The_Dog_Rules

    XP Tracker - Suggestion

    Sounds like an amazing idea, would be very helpful and nice to have.

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