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      Changes/Update ideas

      I have been recently feeling a little put off about grinding and just playing in general. Here are some ideas that I think will help. -Add KOTH back almost identical to S2 KOTH -Add warzone events like S2 -Make shards possible to get in scrolls (not common) -Add kits/shards to loot crates -New...
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      Server voting

      Add links to the fourms and whenever u vote u get a buried treasure, bird nest, or ant farm.
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      Staff AFKing

      Staff cannot afk, so I thought there could be some sort of command (/afk or something) that will remove them from the staff list. Just a little thought I had too improve the experience of staff.
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      S5 Rollback

      If anyone has a SS of me getting the looter kit from the endgame crate pls dm me on discord xWitherWacker#9448. :)
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