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    1. Rohany

      The Skybounds Family

      So, i had played minecraft in 2013 with a good friend of mine, and bought the game on my moms laptop, then i kindda didn’t play anymore and in 2015 i had gotten a laptop for my birthday, and i started playing again, we went on vacation in own country and we had wifi, the wheater was horrible and...
    2. Rohany

      Update Idea - Warzone Revamp

      these are great ideas! i used to love those warzone events, they were so much fun to grind with people. +1
    3. Rohany

      Clan members In Warzone

      i don’t really pvp, as cmm said. But would be a great additi :)) +1
    4. Rohany

      Factory Machines

      that would be an amazing idea, even though i don’t really use factories +1
    5. Rohany

      Suggestion for next season (Island mangement)

      these are good ideas! we need some changed to the perms or maybe even a selection menu per player.
    6. Rohany

      Ally Chat

      I have to agree with alan and rob, option 5 sounds the best (if something like this were to be implemented
    7. Rohany

      Season 4 Ideas

      honestly i feel like change are much needed, i myself am a collector. I would love to see more admin items/ just collectables in general. Also, i loved slayer on sb1 if something like this would be implemented i would be filled with joy! Also challenges and quests are an awesome idea. I loved...
    8. Rohany

      Ashvinsk12's Event Submission

      looks very cool, good luck in the competition! :)
    9. Rohany

      Warrior Set

      a change to an old armor set would be great, seeing people using anything other than Drifter and Immo Armor would be cool lol.
    10. Rohany

      Question of the day 2

      well, for 1 i had school, and for 2 i sleeeeep
    11. Rohany

      Reset Ideas

      The only thing i really really want is more challenges, and maybe even something close to prestige. I love doing my challenges or maybe like a quest line? It’s something to work for. And now we only have collections to unlock and then trophies.
    12. Rohany

      No more clans

      na sorry, clans are really the core of sb2. I love my clan and i know others love theirs, and in wz it’s usefull for legendary chests and if there is someone attacking you :) -1
    13. Rohany


      Well it’s ofcourse an L because fishing and slayer imps haven’t been added to the menu yet :/
    14. Rohany

      Unsellable items?

      ye, some things are really needed to be sellable, idk why but alot of slayer drops aren’t, pretty annoying if you ask me lol :)
    15. Rohany

      /Sellall nerv

      i‘m wayyy to lazy for this, too much typing, sorry. -1
    16. Rohany


      that might be a problem on your end, try restarting your computer.
    17. Rohany

      Skybounds Unoffical Wiki

      wow, this will be so helpful for alot of people! i’ll definitely take a look on there more:)
    18. Rohany

      staff need to hear this

      awh thanj you so much! even though i haven’t been around for long :))
    19. Rohany

      Rank kit upgrades

      would be a nice addition, since skydrops are being more frequently used these days :)
    20. Rohany

      Expired Event Skybounds Event #8: All Things Creative!

      good luck everyone! still thinking about joining the event!
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