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    1. PrincessLeafeon

      diamond pickaxe

      could someone please tell me which challenge unlocks the diamond pickaxe please, ive mined up well over 2k diamonds without unlocking the diamond pickaxe
    2. PrincessLeafeon

      pickaxe progression

      So im trying to get more advanced pickaxes in which ive unlocked the diamond and the gold however i cant craft them, do i need the ruby pickaxe and if so which challenge do i need to unlock the crafting recipe for the ruby as i dont see it in any of my challenges that ive obtained
    3. PrincessLeafeon

      mining at spawn

      so i have a question about the mining at spawn, i cant seem to be able to teleport to the mines beyond granit, when i try to step into the portal to take me to ice it just doesnt work, is there a reason why?
    4. PrincessLeafeon


      how do i get diamonds, there doesnt seem to be a public mine for them and they dont seem to spawn in warzone
    5. PrincessLeafeon

      essence help

      Hiya all, I was just wondering if anyone could explain what essence is and how its used, thank you so so much in advance
    6. PrincessLeafeon

      getting banned

      i have a question, if i use a weight on my keyboard to hold down my space key to keep myself jumping while i sleep and avoid the afk countdown can I get banned for this?
    7. PrincessLeafeon

      Reset questions

      Hiya everyone reading this, I was looking in chat and I saw that people were talking about resets coming in April, I was wondering if this included resets to people's skills
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