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      Changes/Update ideas

      I have been recently feeling a little put off about grinding and just playing in general. Here are some ideas that I think will help. -Add KOTH back almost identical to S2 KOTH -Add warzone events like S2 -Make shards possible to get in scrolls (not common) -Add kits/shards to loot crates -New...
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      Server voting

      Add links to the fourms and whenever u vote u get a buried treasure, bird nest, or ant farm.
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      Staff AFKing

      Staff cannot afk, so I thought there could be some sort of command (/afk or something) that will remove them from the staff list. Just a little thought I had too improve the experience of staff.
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      S5 Rollback

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      S5 Rollback

      it was from the last day, thanks
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      Im not can join but i did not whitelisted

      I love the title of this post "Im not can join but i did not whitelisted" lol.
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      S5 Rollback

      If anyone has a SS of me getting the looter kit from the endgame crate pls dm me on discord xWitherWacker#9448. :)
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      Why does this thread have so many replies lmao
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      Combat Boosting

      I agree that this should be bannable, but i do have to think that eventually the person will have to get out of wz and by doing so, they have to get out of combat. This means that you could tag them before they left. (I also understand that people dont want to wait until they leave)
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      Looking for Builder(s)!

      I will try to find them, thanks.
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      Looking for Builder(s)!

      1) Started building about 4 years ago. 2) I specialize in farms, outlines, and colors for builds. 3) I am not the most detailed when it comes to building, but I am very good at making colors stand out in my buildings. 4) My best build was a Kit PVP build for my own server a year or so back. (Not...
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