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      This all looks awesome! Y’all are doing an amazing job😊💜 thank you.
    2. Rboney88

      ✧ Skybounds Season Six Changelogs ✧

    3. Rboney88

      Skybounds Official Season 6 Texture pack

      THISSSS Though. I think this would be an awesome idea :) +1
    4. Rboney88

      Scrolls (At least the Lowest Tier Ones)

      Yee complete crap for 50m and all the work you had to do to open it.
    5. Rboney88

      Scrolls (At least the Lowest Tier Ones)

      I wasn't saying to make them OP. Just take out the complete garbage like the useless Easter Pet and Sun Ranks. It's infuriating.
    6. Rboney88

      Scrolls (At least the Lowest Tier Ones)

      Exactly! The 1 of 2 good scrolls I had was a Special one which I got 3 bg's from (this was before they nerfed the crap out of them though) and the other was from a common scroll (I got the first lifesteal on the server) but again, that was before they were nerfed hard. Scrolls require a lot...
    7. Rboney88

      Scrolls (At least the Lowest Tier Ones)

      Rare to get more money out of the scrolls? Out of like 10 scrolls i've bought 2 have been worth 20-30m the rest have been complete trash. The levels of "balancing" on the scrolls and lc's both suck. It makes it to where it's not worth buying them IMO. I have looter kits so those don't hurt as...
    8. Rboney88

      Scrolls (At least the Lowest Tier Ones)

      I'm gonna disagree with you on that. I believe the LC's are bs too and should at least be worth the $20+ they cost. I think both need a buff cuz the crap i've seen from LC's lately is horrendous too.
    9. Rboney88

      Scrolls (At least the Lowest Tier Ones)

      These need a masssssive buffing. Spending 10m stars to get the equivalent of maybe 20-25k stars is complete and utter stupidity. I literally grinded a bunch of stuff to get 43 wheat, 4096 star note, an iron fishing rod, and 20 apples. That is complete and utter crap. The scrolls should be worth...
    10. Rboney88

      Idea for drifter set

      +1 I like this as a more fair option for the drifter nerf. Otherwise I feel the money spent to unlock it was worthless.
    11. Rboney88

      Keep Forums

      I agree with keeping the forums. Due to bs on discord this is the only place I have to get any info and report things (outside of /report in game). If I can't get it here I'm effectively blind in terms of server updates and such.
    12. Rboney88

      Alternative to the mass use of alt-accounts for kits!!!

      As someone with Looter on all 3 of my accounts, I think this is silly and inefficient. I put it on 3 accounts because I like getting 3 crates a week, not because of timing. I collect mine 2 on the same day and 1 of them 2 days after as that's just how the timing of purchasing looter fell. No one...
    13. Rboney88

      Farming Trophies

      I can assure you it wasn't for money (at least in terms of farming). The money is negligible compared to the amount of time it takes to grind out a trophy. Especially with the absurdly high prices of the island levels.
    14. Rboney88

      Farming Trophies

      I agree, and it was for farming at least, so what changed in the last update? Cuz clearly it was not wanted or needed (in my opinion)
    15. Rboney88

      Farming Trophies

      They were working fine as far as farming went before the update. I came back to an update that prevented me from farming past limits, which was unexpected and a bit of a nuisance tbh. Being a very small island, and we kinda just vibe and grind when we want, this really makes me not want to...
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