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    Holy cow.

    Holy cow.
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    I want to kill Billy at spawn.

    Billy is a small sacrifice for a greater cause.
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    Stop Nerfing Everything Because Top Clans Overdo it

    don't need alt islands to make billions daily
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    Factory Changes - Please Reply

    meaning they should reward manual grinding more as it actually requires effort. factoried eventually do not require any effort which makes the balance between the two unfair. change is needed
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    Factory Changes - Please Reply

    Make sure to decrease bamboo essence drops by 10 as you harvest 10 bamboo per break. Otherwise it would be extremely easy to get bamboo essence.
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    Factory Changes - Please Reply

    I think you should consider a nerf of the ant collector/bird watcher upgrade as well.
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    Factory Changes - Please Reply

    +1 this sounds like a good solution to the problem. It would defeat the inevidable endless money flow with no effort put into it, which is exactly what we need. I also hope that even with this implemented that it doesn’t generate as much money as it did cause we’d be back to square one. Make it...
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    but xal we both know you don't need to grind for sapplings/seeds any more cause you get a ridiculous amount from the bird watching/ant collectors which makes this whole process automated
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    you're somehow too blind to see that it is a problem that a team can progress from island level 59 to 70 within a few days from afking a machine, i find that concerning.
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    Update Ideas - SUGGEST HERE PLEASE.

    /is upgrades - You could add new spicy features for that. Whenever you get a trophy, you also get a trophy token which can be used in a trophy store to buy custom items such as cosmetic items/unlocks or custom tools. ;)
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    Update Ideas - SUGGEST HERE PLEASE.

    Factory nerf: - Adjust the "Max Factory Blocks" island upgrade and/or amount of cores avalible per island, it is way too high. You can have 50 blocks per core which if set up correctly you can have 37 factories per core, 6 cores being max per island means you can have 222 factories on your...
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    - void fisher doesn't let you put a fishing rod in it for it to start - creeper/magma is not in the /ch GUI - junk appears in magma pool when nets doesn't exist so you can't fish there - you can fill your hotbar with spear guns and shoot 9 bolts at the kraken to basically insta kill it, i...
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    Nerfing P2W

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    like my message too bajan
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    removal of factories

    instead of arguin on this, i'm gonna suggest a few things that i belive would solve the issue at hand: - Remove ant/bird collecor upgrade in the factory Reason: this feature makes the factory progression an infinite loop where you don't have to do anything to speed up progression. You collect...

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