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  • mans a helper and 75% of everything he's posted on the forums are his life story in profile posts. Best helper confirmed.
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    demote lmao
    @Nite why make unnecessary comments such as that? How active staff are on the forums does not concern you, if you do have concerns about staff not doing their job please make a report rather than publicly calling them out.
    not at all my guy, some of the staff are inactive and they have good reason for it. Regardless of how that might of come across, I didn't mean anything harmful from it. from my limited interactions with chroma, I think he's a nice person. If I wanted to call him out for being a bad staff member, I wouldn't do it here. apologies.
    New profile pic, after a few days of decision making.

    I drew it myself since I was so bored. I’m a cat now for some odd reason......
    UPDATE: A forum post was made regarding everything below. Sorry if I spammed the "Latest Profile Posts." it was my mistake not knowing how to make a forum post.
    Section I (Part 11)
    However, I have one negative opinion, which many people probably know what it is by now.

    Sticks are now slightly obsolete.
    Section I (Part 10)
    The quality of life may have improved for some players' eyes, but some feel more pressured to have to keep up with the grind in order to not become obsolete. I don't feel really pressured though, as I'm used to grinding all the time, especially in economy servers (Yes, i feel like Skybounds is kind of an economy server) and normal skyblock (Skybounds is unique though, so #goodworkskybounds).
    Section I (Part 9)
    For example: you need a specific rarity of tool to kill/mine/farm a specific mob/ore/crop, so you need to discover the required material of the specified tool and then grind that material in order to craft that tool) you'll be able to expand further into the game without any hassle (or hurry, because you'll need to grind a lot).
    Section I (Part 8)
    The new advancement system is basically a Discovery-like system. When you unlock specific tools to accomplish specific tasks.
    Section I (Part 7)
    I'm not saying that the system is flawed, but what I'm trying to imply is that the new Season may help some specific aspects of quality of life, but the grinding to get to that stage where you never really have to worry about anything anymore will take time. And when I mean time, I mean: A LOT OF TIME.
    Section I (Part 6)
    That's where you're totally wrong.
    The thing is, the new season implements such a new system of achievements and development that not a lot of people are willing to accept from the get-go.
    Section I (Part 5)
    Instead, just be either dedicated enough to gain currency buy the pages from other players or be a brave soul and leap into Warzone yourself. You're probably thinking: "Seems simple, I can easily get tot the top this new season!" or "Hey, I can do things easier now!", am I right?
    Section I (Part 4)
    For example, in Season 2, crafting specific custom items would require you to achieve a specific Crafting Level. Now, in Season 3 (which in my opinion is a total lifesaver), crafting custom items would only require you to obtain the Crafting Recipe in order to have the ability craft the item itself. No more of that tedious grind to a specific crafting level.
    Section I (Part 4)
    These 5 skills are: Slaying, Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining and Farming. These five skills are individually leveled up as you continue to grind and develop your way to the top.
    Slaying and Woodcutting are two new skills that replaced the last season's Grinding and Crafting skills, and above all, these skills no longer require you to go all the way to level 100 in order to accomplish specific tasks.
    Section I (Part 3)
    Aside from the careful thought of choosing which island to begin your Skybounds Journey in, the new update presents us with an all-new aspect to the server: Personal Challenges. These challenges focus on five important skills which an individual would need to level up as quickly as possible in order to achieve maximum productivity.
    Section I (Part 2)
    However, the new Season grants a whole new set of starter islands, which were created by the community during a build competition that was held on May 28, 2020 last season, which may help entirely with your initial island settlement.
    Section I - Starting Anew: The Grind Game
    Everyone knows that getting your island ready for another season is an incredibly tedious process, with the constant initial grind to the anticipation of claiming your daily/weekly kits and making your greatest gear and jumping into Warzone to snag some goodies.
    Season 3 Thoughts and Review:
    So, as of June 28,2020, Season 3 of Skybounds 2.0 was launched, and to my surprise, mixed feelings were born from drastic changes. Coming up is my overall view and (hopefully tolerable) review of Season 3. (Each topic will be posted in separate Posts)
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