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    /kothtimer command

    I would imagine that it isn't too hard to implement and would be quite helpful for people not in EST. +1 imo!
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    Firii's Event Submission

    This is by far my favorite so far! I love how much work you put into the project and all the amazing details you added!
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    Happy B-Day @Catyluss!!!🎂

    Happy B-Day @Catyluss!!!🎂
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    Got scammed

    Before that it says, and I quote, “This transaction is final and the are no refunds.”
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    Got scammed

    When you bought the said items you check a box stating that you understand and agree to the Terms of Service. One of those terms are that there will not be any refunds. Screenshots:
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    Season 1 and 2... Suggestion to Season 3

    I think we can all agree that this season was hard for players going solo. I’ve been playing quite steadily since the season began and I still have a problem with getting higher tier things. Needing a team to work with is the only solution, and personally I don’t like teaming with people because...
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    last word first word

    Animals by Maroon 5 is a good song.
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    Make Comet more worth it

    I completely agree with the fact that it needs a “buff”. However, like most people stated, it will have to wait until next season. It’s just such a comlicated feature to tamper with this late in the season.
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    Hows everyone during lockdown?

    Fanno! Been a while! I’ve been doing fine. School can be a bit confusing but I’m surviving!
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    last word first word

    Words a person uses can tell you a great deal about them.
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    last word first word

    Dude, weren't we supposed to add one sentence?
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    last word first word

    Lots on beaches cost a lot.
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    last word first word

    Tasty and taste are often confused because y and e can sound alike.
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    last word first word

    “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors was on this morning on MTV.
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    last word first word

    Ew, it’s tacini agian!

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