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    1. LitNothin

      RagingCoconuts's Event Submission

      This looks really good and I can imagine that if this were implemented people would love climbing the skeleton! glgl!!
    2. LitNothin

      ItzBobert's Event Submission

      I love how it looks under the island, and really like the creativity with the various structures added, gl!!
    3. LitNothin

      Klobeuste's Event Submission

      Looks great and I love the possibility of players being able to get onto the flying stuff to escape and stuff. gl!
    4. LitNothin

      JJNBAHH's Event Submission

      This build is really freaking good. Ur mad effort paid off :)
    5. LitNothin

      LitNothin and Eonz__'s Event Submission

      Minecraft Username: LitNothin and Eonz__ Explanation of your Entry: This is a collaboration between LitNothin and Eonz__, this build will speak largely for itself. This is a hellish mesa with a hole cutting a mineshaft and hopefully will be fun to pvp in. Screen shot Documentation...
    6. LitNothin

      Season 6 idea thread!

      HI!!! We still have one more Minecraft thing that hasn't been used, so i present to you an idea involving shovels, digging skills with a unique twist that probs isnt even good so ill need suggestions to improve this!!! There is would be a digging island at spawn where the island itself is the...
    7. LitNothin

      pickaxe progression

      Challenges are not synced with what they give yet. Keep mining diamonds until you have the recipe for a diamond pickaxe, or if you already have the materials for it(you can ask ingame what the recipe is and i'm sure someone will be glad to help) you can ask in chat and i am sure there will be...
    8. LitNothin

      pickaxe progression

      To craft a diamond pickaxe(gold pick isnt in this season) you craft it in /craft after you have mined enough diamonds to unlock the recipe(you can see in /ch). Ruby pick is via mining a large amount of ruby. Hope this helps - Lit
    9. LitNothin

      mandarine567's Event Submission

      Woah that looks amazing!!! Ive seen u working on it for the past few weeks and I'm glad it really paid off!! glglglgl
    10. LitNothin

      Handled in disc

      Handled in disc
    11. LitNothin

      @MinLetsPlay The old server has been gone for over a year due to having less than 10 players on...

      @MinLetsPlay The old server has been gone for over a year due to having less than 10 players on at all times. The compensation period ended in January 2020 and all of your stuff is gone. There's nothing that can be done for you.
    12. LitNothin

      @Mcanus3000 Go to shop.skybounds.com and then click the blue "store menu" on the right of the...

      @Mcanus3000 Go to shop.skybounds.com and then click the blue "store menu" on the right of the screen. Scroll down to ranks, then put in ur IGN and then browse the ranks.
    13. LitNothin

      More informative messages and other small ideas to make this gamemode more intuitive to new players.

      The tutorial is currently way better than the tutorial that was in the last couple seasons atm, but I do agree it should use a bit more tweaking and i feel this list you have provided could help. If anyone reading has more suggestions on the tutorial i'm sure Rose would want to know about them...
    14. LitNothin

      Idea to help balance for smaller teams/solos

      This is yet another thing that would be abusable. With the bigger islands there are enough of most things that island members can grind on the island instead of spawn. This means that the owner can reduce the member count to fit what you said and have the members grind on worker mode(woodcutting...
    15. LitNothin

      Duelist + Drifter, The most broken sets in the game

      Switching at all would be bad, you have a guy in drifter switching to duelist, if theres a cooldown then that duelist could wreck havoc on drifters for 5 minutes, it just seems better for players to know once they're in specific sets they cannot switch lol.
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