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    1. goettlichAF

      gebrettert's Event Submission

      Minecraft Username: gebrettert Explanation of your Entry: At first I wanted to build an island that should look a bit like the old birch/cow island, I liked the idea of the island and it was one of my favourite ones to fight. When I realized that we needed a hellish theme, I was too lazy to...
    2. goettlichAF

      mandarine567's Event Submission

      Todes is best build team+best grindteam! #TodesLove
    3. goettlichAF

      a new symbol or prefix

      very op
    4. goettlichAF

      Farming Trophies

      Not stopping me lol
    5. goettlichAF

      some Ideas for this Season or the following Seasons!

      Very epic ideas! Now lets hope they add atleast some of those things
    6. goettlichAF

      some Ideas for this Season or the following Seasons!

      How to lose something u dont have qt? ❤️
    7. goettlichAF

      DaBaby Prefix

      not needed lol
    8. goettlichAF


      I would like to See something different. We had soups for seasons nlw and it would be cool to have something different or just pot pvp
    9. goettlichAF

      Increasing slayer limits

      Ok guys, we just started new season and its pretty nice. Overall I love the new skills and so on, but some things just dont make any sense. description: To level up your limit of endermite/chicken, you need to grind white rabbit. Thats not the rabbit from island, its the rabbit from /spawn...
    10. goettlichAF

      My suggestion!!

      the only thing that would help is not removing factories, its removing auto crafters.
    11. goettlichAF

      My suggestion!!

      Me and my clan made the same test! We came to the same conclusion. We are pretty sure the lags are not getting caused by the factories, its more about those autocompactors that are blocking the armorstands (Items on the factory chain). Deffinetly feel that post and I think the dev should...
    12. goettlichAF

      Idea Viewed Factories changes and economy changes and grinding aspects of skybounds

      Imagine only making 1.5b ... Me and my Clan are able to make like 8b/day without doin anything. Should be really changed. Just too overpowered since we can just overpay for everything.
    13. goettlichAF

      Idea Noted Bosses back

      I think alot of people agree with me when I say that bosses need to be back in the game. I could imagine some of the s1 bosses and also krakedon and boss altars from last season. They were fun and you had a good chance of winning some cool prices. Also, the boss eggs are already ingame so I...
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