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    1. DireDemonWolf

      a new symbol or prefix

      also cmmisbad
    2. DireDemonWolf

      a new symbol or prefix

      well then potatovoider
    3. DireDemonWolf

      a new symbol or prefix

      i request a potatokiller prefix if we get a potato prefix :D
    4. DireDemonWolf

      New spells

      i like the sound of it, maybe if it gets thought out and balanced in the future, maybe a spell that does fire damage or something 👀
    5. DireDemonWolf

      Add something similar to mining world

      I love the idea of bringing mining world back, loved it in og and im sure it'd be very enjoyable
    6. DireDemonWolf

      Season 6 idea thread!

      i like all the ideas and with the new skill i saw someone say alchemy maybe as a new skill, dk if it was you or not, but thought that was good, maybe make potions an unlockable/brewable thing and add it like the skills we already have, maybe add some custom ones as well and make brewing recipes...
    7. DireDemonWolf

      Remove Legendary Chest :(

      scrambled coords were also just updated to where you cant see them on minechat, you also cant see where they are in game now either so no one knows where they are anymore :p
    8. DireDemonWolf

      wz ideas

      not only should they do full damage but be equivalent to diamond instead of iron, and maybe a 50% chance to save anything else in your inventory on top of the guaranteed item you are holding
    9. DireDemonWolf

      Team Chat

      :Lauren_Check: +1 much needed
    10. DireDemonWolf

      Random Poll

      Me too
    11. DireDemonWolf

      Random Poll

      im just better than normal crewmates, I’m a hybrid 😎 so not quite an impostor but not quite a crewmate either
    12. DireDemonWolf

      Random Poll

      Originally i was going to vote Rose because she is literally always sus but then I saw Jelly clear herself, and everybody knows you cant clear yourself so i mad sus jelly, and i clean the bents for everyone!!! We don’t want to die from lack of air flow guys!!!!
    13. DireDemonWolf

      Ally Chat

      I've suggested this a few times in global and have been told that it would be a hassle, I myself couldn't snowball ideas to make it work, but number 5 sounds great and would love to see it implemented!
    14. DireDemonWolf

      Update Idea - Warzone Revamp

      I love this idea, and it would attract more people to warzone! It's an interesting way of enhancing slayer mobs too, adding parkour and pvp 👀 🖤
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