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    1. DeBlackSpartan


      Those qt symbols n prefixes
    2. DeBlackSpartan

      Can't join

      Hey, try one of the following ips (the first two will probably not work): - play.skybounds.com - skybounds.com - skybounds1.ddns.net - skybounds2.ddns.net If it still doesnt work, let me know!
    3. DeBlackSpartan

      More Foot In the Server

      No, hab=bad
    4. DeBlackSpartan

      More Foot In the Server

      Already got my own 2 feet, gonna pass on this one
    5. DeBlackSpartan

      SBultimateV1 release (Needs Optifine)

      Looks cute, might use later
    6. DeBlackSpartan

      LitNothin and Eonz__'s Event Submission

      Had tested the build myself before it was finished, and it had already looked aMAZEing (since it has a giant maze in it, idk why do I explain puns). Best of luck in the contest to you two
    7. DeBlackSpartan

      diamond pickaxe

      If I remember correctly there are some unshown challenges in diamond category, higher up than the said ones. Also, you can always ask others for help, there are people that have the recipe unlocked and can craft it for you
    8. DeBlackSpartan

      JJNBAHH's Event Submission

      The tunnels are insane, thanks for the quick pvp tutorial as well!
    9. DeBlackSpartan

      Klobeuste's Event Submission

      Another hellish submission. The build, and the sharks especially, are cool
    10. DeBlackSpartan

      gebrettert's Event Submission

      This one is a spicy one, good luck!
    11. DeBlackSpartan

      a new symbol or prefix

      I shall not be silenced, vegetable inequality shall be discussed un till it is solved!
    12. DeBlackSpartan

      a new symbol or prefix

      But getting a potato symbol/prefix would discriminate any other farmable like carrots or wheat, once again, how could it be fun
    13. DeBlackSpartan

      a new symbol or prefix

      But that would be discriminating carrots or wheat
    14. DeBlackSpartan

      warzone idea for next season

      This would also make fire resistance enchant more useful, also adding a bit more risk to the wz, besides pvp. But yeah, building even results will show how the wz might look like and how easy/hard it will be to implement ideas like this
    15. DeBlackSpartan

      Trophy Pet/Artifact.

      I'd agree more with Rob, how it should be a chance to double it, especially with imps, that can be 500, and getting 1k of a stat from an imp would be insanely op. Nevertheless, cool idea
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