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    1. broaded

      Add more PV's

    2. broaded

      Prefix Idea For Good Members Of The Community

      I don't like this idea since it could cause contriversy as to who players find as a good person in the community. It could bring more reports about being biased towards stafd etc and isn't really something the staff team would want
    3. broaded

      Longer "inactive" time for islands

      I don't really see much of a need for this to be honest, you can check auction house on island and if you really don't want your island to unload you will know exactly why you are going there
    4. broaded

      Method to "output" from compactor other than back into chest

      I think this could be useful if implemented rightly
    5. broaded

      Making the Daily Coinflip Limit Up to 25 or 30

      I wouldn't like it to be raised, could become op too easily and be too easy to make hugr amounts of money if done right
    6. broaded

      New Schematics

      I'd love to have old gapple and oil schematics back, I liked them a lot
    7. broaded

      Compact fishing

      I really hope you could stack ship wrecks since it takes up a lot of space, and I would also like compact pouches to stack
    8. broaded

      PvP (Warzone) Imps

      I think this could be a good idea but there would have to be a cooldown or something otherwise could be too op
    9. broaded

      Bring Back Old Custom Enchants/Gemstone

      I'd like old enchants/gemstones back too
    10. broaded

      Players in the top 10 ptop should automatically get an early access pass to the new season

      I agree with Lav that the people in /p top should have an option of getting their points somehow be able to be transferred or remanded to be able to buy the early access pass since all in all it wasn't their fault that their stats didn't get reset from last season and a lot of them have trophies...
    11. broaded


      These are very good ideas imo, however I'm not sure if I agree with the last one about having sometimes getting a legendary item from the openable as it could become too overpowered sincr you get a lot of openables from kits, which in clans could be gathered and could be eco breaking.
    12. broaded

      Season 5

      I look forward to everything to be honest
    13. broaded


    14. broaded

      Idea Noted Spawn additions

      This would be nice, a lot of new players get lost sometimes
    15. broaded

      Idea Noted disarm needs a buff

      I agree with this idea, how it was on og with axe with shuffle would be better in my eyes.
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