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    1. Bella1337

      Removing Items From Crates That Are Not Worth The Crates Value

      I think the loot pool is actually quite decent. I mean, in previous seasons you could get ore seeds from them and other worse items compared to the sun rank.
    2. Bella1337

      Revival of the Loot Pass

      I’d definitely like to see them added back, they were so fun to do and gave an added challenge to get the rewards. I do hope they get added back!
    3. Bella1337

      Global Challenges (Repost)

      It would be a nice way to pass the time and give people something else to do and work towards.
    4. Bella1337


      It would be so helpful to have that added, plus it’ll give people more of a reason it to use it
    5. Bella1337

      Combining Ore Seeds Together

      Yes, totally agree! It would be so nice to combine ore seeds. I hope it gets added!
    6. Bella1337

      Clan members In Warzone

      Would be helpful, especially if you don’t know who’s allied
    7. Bella1337

      Update Idea - Warzone Revamp

      Those are good ideas. It would be nice to see some of these implemented. Would give people a reason to actually go to the wz, plus would be a fun break from grinding.
    8. Bella1337

      Ally Chat

      5 would be the best definitely, otherwise it would be too messy. Would be cool to see it added, though.
    9. Bella1337

      Season 4 Ideas

      Ooo I like the ideas! They’d be nice for s4 so I hope they get implemented! It would definitely be cool if you made more money grinding rather than from automation.
    10. Bella1337

      Ashvinsk12's Event Submission

      That’s looks so cool! Good luck!!
    11. Bella1337

      Suggestion for next season (Island mangement)

      Oooo I like the ideas. It would help out people lots!
    12. Bella1337

      Dader's Event Submission

      Oooo it looks good! Good luck to you
    13. Bella1337

      Season 4 Kits

      A cool idea for kits for next season and I have seen it implemented in other servers, is if players had to spend money to unlock it. Not paying to unlock it individually but everyone paying for the server to unlock. It could be for all kits or for every individual kit and the price depends on...
    14. Bella1337

      Cant join server

      I'm pretty sure that's your internet. Try restarting it, that might help
    15. Bella1337

      Sugarcane Farms

      Would be nice especially for people with smaller islands, plus water is annoying to place and I’m lazy lol
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